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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening

Published Feb 25, 2020 | Updated Mar 5, 2020

Gardening can be a great thing for any kid. It will allow you to enjoy a hobby with your children and it will encourage them to spend time outdoors. If you are looking for ways to get your kids excited about gardening, here are five easy ways that you can get your kids interested!

1. Try It Before You Grow It

Your kids are more likely to take to gardening if they are interested in what they are growing. If you plan on growing food, you should allow your children to try these foods before you grow them. You can make it an opportunity for them to try something new. Sugar snap peas and most berries can easily be grown and are something that a lot of kids love. As your kids are trying these foods, you should talk to them about how to grow each item. Research each item that you want to plant. Find out how long it takes to go from seed to maturity, the amount of sunlight it needs and how often it needs to be watered.

2. Let Them Choose What You Grow

Kids won’t be interested in gardening if they aren’t interested in what they are growing. This is why it’s important for them to choose what they want to grow. You may actually be surprised at what they want to plant. They may have their eye on spinach seeds as they will end up with an interesting leafy creation. They might also end up choosing hot pink impatiens as they are a rather attractive color. If you find that your kids are wanting to choose something that just won’t grow well in your space, you need to explain to them why they may want to choose something else. You should provide a few alternate options for them as well.

3. Put The Garden In A Place Where They Will See It Often

If you put your garden in the corner of your yard or behind a shed, your kids won’t see it. This means that they will probably forget about it, and they will lose interest in gardening. It is recommended that you put it in a spot where they will see it often. You might want to put it near their swing-set or other outdoor toys. If you are concerned about your children trampling on the garden, you can put a small fence around it. This will provide them with a barrier that will remind them not to play in the garden. If you aren’t sure where the best place to put it is, you should consider consulting a landscaping service. No job is too big or too small for most companies including local ones like landscaping services Vancouver WA. Most have years of experience in landscaping, and they can help you find the perfect place to put your garden. Landscaping companies can also advise you on the best things to grow in your space.

4. Get Them The Right Supplies

Your kids are far more likely to take an interest in gardening if they have the right supplies. Get shovels and rakes that are in their size. It can be difficult for small children to use items that are made for adults. Don’t forget about getting them their own gloves and a watering can as well. They will love to put on their gloves to plant their seeds or flowers and to use their watering can to provide their garden with the water that it needs to grow.

5. Make Gardening Part Of Their Routine

We all lead busy lives, and it can be difficult to remember to take care of your garden. This is why it will help if you make gardening a part of your child’s routine. You may want to have them go outside to take care of their garden after they get their homework completed every day and before dinner on the weekends. Pretty soon your children will remember to take care of the garden without you having to remind them to.


In conclusion, gardening can be a fun hobby for you to enjoy with your kids. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, you can easily get your children interested in gardening. In no time at all, you and your kids will be able to create a garden that you can marvel at for years to come.

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