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4 Signs Your Child Could Benefit from a Reading Tutor

Published Feb 20, 2020

Many parents can help their children do better in school and in life by finding a reading tutor for their young students. Children who have a known learning disability and those who struggle to get passing grades in school may be clear candidates for extra help, but children who are also on pace with their peers can also benefit from help.

These are four signs that your child might benefit from working with a reading tutor.

1. Confusion Over Learning Concepts

It’s only natural for a child to be confused over a school topic here or there. What may be a sign that your child needs additional help with reading comprehension is if they consistently express that they don’t understand their homework. Kids who have trouble keeping up with concepts may have trouble meeting the school’s standards for what the child is expected to know at that child’s grade level.

Children who are consistently confused over learning concepts might express this by being defensive when an adult tries to help them understand or by expressing anxiety about upcoming tests. For parents, it can be difficult to tell whether the child is genuinely confused about learning concepts or simply trying to avoid unpleasant work. A teacher may be able to help clarify whether or not your child is showing mastery of the subject being studied.

If your child consistently has trouble comprehending what they just read, has difficulty remembering passages they just read or lacks the skill to make logical inferences from reading, this may be a sign of learning disability. These reading deficits are common to people with dyslexia and also those with short term memory and information processing issues.

2. Decreased Parental Involvement

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes a parent or caregiver has to spend less face-to-face time helping with the child’s studies than was previously spent. More or changed hours at work and other issues could cause the parent to have less time to spend assisting with homework. In addition, as children get older they get a larger homework load and require more time on homework. Whatever the case, if a parent and child have less time to spend together working on reading and writing, a tutor may be able to help the child make up for this change.

3. Lack of Confidence

Along with expressing confusion over a new concept, your child may seem to lack confidence when learning a new academic skill. Kids express this in a few different ways. They may seem sad or they may try to avoid certain activities in the classroom. Often the child is reluctant to volunteer answers in the classroom. Teachers may have to try to coax the child into participating in class.

Children who consistently seem to lack self-esteem when it comes to learning skills may be showing signs of a learning disability. Not every child who lacks confidence has a learning disability, though. A child who is otherwise on track with their peers but lacks confidence can still benefit from a tutor who helps the child recognize their improving skills. A reading tutor program Frisco TX tells us that “A little practice each day is what will build confidence, focus, and ability.” When choosing a tutoring program parents can look for tutors who have experience working with children and understand their particular state of mind.

4. Room for Improvement in Time Management

We may not usually think of reading and time management as related skills. However, a child who shows signs of difficulty with time management may be able to benefit from one-on-one tutoring that improves both skill sets. Kids who chronically procrastinate, ignore reminders and delay projects can benefit from a tutor who can encourage self-motivation, keep track of due dates and teach positive study habits.


If your child displays any of the four signs above, you may want to look into getting outside help from a reading tutor. Whether your child has a known learning disability, shows signs of a potential learning disability, or is basically on track but lacks confidence a tutor can help connect your child with the tools and resources to improve the child’s academic skills. Mastering academic skills and concepts that keep your child on track with their peers lead to a happier child.

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February 26, 2020, 2 p.m. Flag

These are great points. I would just add that some teenagers already pursue specific interest such as team sports, music, etc. These children are often overscheduled and some benefit from a tutor who can cut through the confusion and speed up learning. Great article!


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