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5 Fun and Easy Valentines Day Crafts

Published Feb 6, 2020 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Are you looking for some fun crafts to do with the kids over the Valentines Day weekend? Here are five of my favourites!

1. Valentines Day Yarn-Wrapped Hearts

Not only is this craft easy and cute, it’s also not messy! This is a win-win situation if you ask me.

All you need is a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a heart, some yarn to wrap around it, and some tape.



1)   Cut the cardboard into a heart shape.

2)   Tape the yarn to the back of the cardboard

3)   Wrap the yarn around the cardboard until you have your desired shape and size

4)   Tuck the loose end into another piece of yarn and tie together


2. Valentines Day Pom-Pom Monsters

These monsters are a perfect craft to make with your kids for Valentines Day! You’ll need pom-poms (some use pom-pom makers for the shaggy looking monsters), googly eyes, foam hearts, pipe cleaners, and glue.


1)  Make the pom-pom monster body (using the pom-pom maker) or finding a pom-pom that works on its own

2)  Cut the antennae from the pipe cleaners- you can hot glue little hearts to the ends of them to add cuteness

3)  Hot glue the foam hearts to the bottom of the pom-pom as the monster’s feet

4)  Glue the antennae onto your monster’s head

5)  Add the googly eyes and enjoy your cute creation!

3. Heart- Shaped People

This craft is easy enough for preschoolers but fun for a variety of ages! It is simple enough that you will likely have all the supplies in your house already. You will need red or pink construction paper, glue, markers, googly eyes, and pom-poms are optional.


1)   Cut the paper into a big heart shape

2)   Make a face on the paper using the googly eyes and the pom-pom for the nose

3)   Cut the paper into strips for the arms and legs and fold it in an accordion style way

4)   Glue the arms and legs to the heart shaped body and you’re finished!

4. Valentines Day Play-Dough 

Who doesn’t love play- dough? This is a simple recipe and is guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours. Below are the ingredients you will need:

-  1 Cup Flour

-  1/4 Cup Salt

-  2 Tsp Cream of Tarter

-  1 Cup Water

-  2 TBSP Vegetable Oil

-  Packet of Kool Aid- Pink, Red, and Purple are great for Valentine's Day

-  Glitter


1)  Mix ingredients together in a saucepan ~ Mix the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients one by one

2)  Stir until your mixture looks like cake batter

3)  Cook over medium heat and stir 

4)  Continue to stir as the mixture thickens

5)  Once the mixture turns into a clump, you are good to go. 

6)  Add the glitter and knead by hand a few times

5. Heart-Shaped Dog 

This is a great craft for all the animal lovers. You can also write on the back of these and use them as Valentines Day cards. All you will need is white and pink construction paper, googly eyes, black & white pom-poms, scissors, and glue.


1)   Cut the white paper into a large heart

2)   Cut the pink paper into two smaller hearts and glue them to the white heart as the dog’s ears

3)   Glue the Googly eyes

4)   Take one black pom-pom and glue it as the nose

5)   Underneath the black pom-pom, glue two white pom-poms

6)   Cut a U-Shaped piece of pink paper and glue it under the white pom-poms as the dogs tongue.

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