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Edmonton's Best Escape Rooms

Published Jul 2, 2019 | Updated Mar 16, 2020

Escape rooms are one of the top forms of emerging entertainment. Check out our list of the top escape rooms you need to experience in Edmonton.

"What is an escape room?" I'm glad you asked. Escape rooms are designed to challenge your problem solving and communication skills. Teams of around two to ten people are locked in a room for about 45 to 60 minutes. To get out you have to solve puzzles, crack codes, break riddles, and think outside of the box.

Escape rooms always have a unique theme - think murder mystery, zombie invasion, scary doll house, catacombs, jail break.....you get the picture. You'll never be truly locked in a room, and if you get stumped, Game Masters - the people who help you get ready for your puzzle - will give you hints. Players under 18 will need their parents to sign a waiver, and kids under a certain age may need to be accompanied by an adult.

You don't need to escape or "win" to have fun at escape rooms. I've done a few and have never escaped and I still keep going back for more....(Maybe I need to find new team mates). Regardless, if you love games and love challenges, then escape rooms are a great place to bring the family for an afternoon or weekend activity. 

To help you get your passion for escape rooms going, we've listed seven of the most well regarded escape rooms in Edmonton. Have fun, and good luck escaping!

1. Escape Emporium

Located in South Edmonton, Escape Emporium designs adventurous and exquisite rooms that are perfect for groups of families, friends, and coworkers. It's a great place to host a birthday party or bring the kids for a weekend activity. Their four current rooms are Welcome to the Jungle, School of Wizardry, The Treasure of the Pirate King, and Game of Kingdoms and are designed for two to ten players. 

Why do we love Escape Emporium so much? The Games Masters are really wonderful and excited to tell you all about your challenge ahead. They will answer all of your questions and ensure that you have everything you need to make your experience memorable and make you feel comfortable. 

Photo Credit: Escape Emporium

2. Escape City

Escape City's rooms are designed for groups of two to eight people and range in difficulty and scariness. They've been around since 2014 and ever since then, they've been pushing the boundaries of what escape rooms can do. Each of their five escape rooms has a unique mission and you'll find yourself transported to another world full of imagination, adventure, thrill, and fun. 

3. Time Escape

At Time Escape, your have 45 to 50 minutes to conquer your mission and escape from their intricate, hi-tech, and challenging rooms. Their rooms are impeccably decorated and clean, and have lots going on for everyone on your team to be involved. What stands out about Time Escape is their energetic and helpful staff. They take the time to give you very clear instructions, are very patient for people attending for their first time. Their storytelling will get you in the right mindset to start your challenge. You'll have a blast at Time Escape!


Get The Fun On. Sure. That's what GTFO stands for. GTFO is one of the quirkiest escape entertainment facilities in Edmonton. If you show up early for your escape, have fun chilling in the comfy waiting area with board games and Wii sports to keep you entertained. Their escape scenarios range in difficulty so there's something for beginners and experienced escapers alike. And once you've escaped (or not) you get to take home a polaroid photo of your group! 

5. Captive Kids

Captive Kids is the first escape room adventure that has been specifically created for families and kids ages 7 to 13.  You'll have 60 minutes to escape their themed rooms and for the entire time you'll be totally emmersed in solving the puzzle.  Their current rooms are Pieces of Eight, The Witch, and Mr. Moody's Ghost.  Captive Kids also offers the unique opportunity to book birthday party packages with your own dedicated room and party host!

6. The Room

Get ready for a completely immersive and challenging experience at The Room. With current success rates between 10% to 25%, these are certainly some of the most challenging rooms in Edmonton.  They always have three professionally and creatively designed rooms.  Be sure to put together a top notch team before you try to conquer the Room! 

7. EXIT 

EXIT's escape rooms are loved by experienced and beginner escapers. Their puzzles are very clever and enthralling and cater to groups of two to ten players. You'll be confronted with engaging riddles and mechanical components. The staff are very friendly, personable, and accommodating. You'll have a top notch experience at EXIT!

Go out and try one or more of these escape rooms. Let us know whether or not you managed to escape by commenting below. But shhhhh! Don't reveal any hints or answers!

Sarah Lindquist
By Sarah Lindquist
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