Preparing for Bike Camp: 5 Insider Tips

Published Jun 5, 2019 | Updated Oct 28, 2019

So, you put the pedal to the metal and registered for a learn-to-ride bike camp for your child. Both you and your kid are super excited for summer bike camp, but as the date draws near, you may begin thinking about how to prepare for camp. When preparing for camp, we typically see parents make decisions that seem fiscal and fun but result in frustration. Let us help you get going in the right direction by giving you the inside scoop.

5 Insider Tips

Registering for the wrong level:

Parents will frequently register their child for a level that they think their child will be at by the time camp starts. Too often we see that the child is not yet ready for that level, and it’s more difficult to transfer a child down a level than up because our lower-level classes always fill up quickly. So, register your child for the level they are currently at.


Purchasing a bike your child will grow into:

While this seems like an economic idea, our experience has taught us that it’s much harder for kids to control bikes that are too big and heavy. Too-big-and-heavy bikes will ultimately lower kids’ confidence when they aren’t able to catch themselves if need be. Alternatively, if your child’s bike is too small, they’ll have difficulties with pedaling and overall discomfort. When your child is just learning to ride, ideally you want a bike where your child can sit on the seat and keep both feet flat on the ground.

Buying a bike with lots of features:

Getting a bike with gears, mirrors, bells, and whistles sounds fancy, but when your child is just learning how to ride, the simpler the bike the better. More features mean more distractions for beginner riders; fewer features allow kids to focus on learning how to ride. For example, a bike with backpedalling brakes is perfect for our level-1 newbees.


Choosing a fun helmet:

Safety is our number-one priority. We know kids like helmets with kitten ears, mohawks, and animal prints, but often times, these helmets aren’t practical or safe. The most important questions to ask when choosing a helmet are:

  • Does it have a retention system?
  • Does it have an appropriate safety sticker (CPSC, CSA, Snell, or ANSI)?
  • Does it sit straight on your child’s head?
  • Does it fit snug, remaining in place if your child shakes their head?
  • Does it have adjustable straps that form a V around your child’s ears with the side clips sitting just below their ears? When buckled, there should be enough room for two fingers to slide between the straps and chin.


Sending kids to camp in what they want to wear:

Because our camps are primarily outside, and super active, it’s important that your child is dressed appropriately for camp. Running shoes or closed-toed sandals are best, as is comfortable clothing that your child can run, jump, play, and cycle in. Flip flops and jeans aren’t the smartest choices. Also, check the weather during camp and plan accordingly. Clothes to bring may include:

  • A raincoat,
  • Rain boots,
  • Gloves,
  • A sweater, and/or
  • An extra set of dry clothes for those rainy days.

Let’s Recap


Enhance the Pedalheads experience by registering your child in the right level; acquiring a simple, appropriately sized bike; purchasing a practical, safe helmet; and sending your child to camp dressed for action and the weather. Here’s a comprehensive itemized checklist of what you need to help ensure you’re prepared:


o  A bicycle in good working order and fit (size, brakes, air in tires);

o  A properly fitted bike helmet;

o  A water bottle;

o  A nut-free snack;

o  A lunch for all-day camps;

o  Appropriate footwear (closed toe);

o  Extra socks;

o  Comfortable athletic clothes;

o  Weather-appropriate clothing (raincoat, gloves, sweater, etc.);

o  Sunscreen and mosquito repellant (weather dependent);

o  EpiPen, puffer, and/or other required medication; and

o  A small backpack to hold all your child’s belongings.

See you at bike camp — calm, cool, and collected — ready for a rip-roaring good time!

If you haven’t already registered, REGISTER TODAY!

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