10 Best Gift Ideas for Teachers

Published May 28, 2019 | Updated May 30, 2019

The school year is coming to an end. I am a mix of excited to go on some camping trips and get out in the sun, and apprehensive about not having free child care for two months (thank goodness for summer camps)! With the end of the school year comes the question of what to get teachers for their end of the year present. I have asked some of my teacher friends for their input so I can share my new found wisdom. A shiny red apple did not make the list (believe it or not)!

Showing appreciation for teachers at the end of the school year by giving a gift is practically tradition! I have memories of my mom sending me to school with a little box of chocolates for my teacher and I always looked forward to proudly giving it to them on the last day before summer break. 

While chocolates are always a nice gesture, I thought I would do some research and ask a few of my teacher friends for some input on the gifts that really stand out and are truly useful to them. Here is the list of the top gifts for teachers!

1. Gift Cards

While normally giving a gift card might be viewed as a little lack luster and not as thoughtful, in the case of a teacher gift it works out great! Who wouldn't like a Starbucks card or a gift certificate to a favourite local restaurant? I have also seen some great gift cards to see movies in theatre and department stores like Homesense. Can't go wrong with an Amazon gift card though; they have pretty much everything! 

2. Wine or Chocolates 

One of my friends who teaches elementary school insists that her favourite gift from the kids and parents at the end of the year is a nice bottle of wine! Make sure ahead of time that the teacher drinks alcohol/likes wine though. If not, the classic option of some nice quality chocolates typically goes over well.

3. A Yearbook Photo Book

If you have the time to get organized and get all the pictures from the school year together (often teachers email them throughout the year), then a yearbook photobook could be a great option! It is personalized and thoughtful and sure to be a hit. The added bonus is you can print two of them and keep one yourself as a memento. We like this one from Mixbook!

4. A Handmade Thank You Card

Sometimes the simple and most thoughtful gifts stand out the most. A handmade thank you card with some detailed reasons why the teacher made the school year so great can make a lasting impression. 

5. School Supplies

This one surprised me a bit. Wouldn't more school supplies be the last thing teachers want to see at the end of the year? Apparently not! I have learned by asking a couple of teachers that they often pay for the more special school supplies out of pocket. That's why getting teachers some fun and unique school supplies can be a practical and fun. Here are some ideas we like on Amazon.

image source

6. High Quality Candle(s)

A fancy, well made, delicious smelling candle definitely makes the cut for an awesome and usable gift idea for teachers. My personal favourites are ones from Indigo...check out their awesome assortment here.

7. Quality Coffee or Tea

High end coffee and tea always tastes better to me! If your teacher is a big coffee drinker and a little adventurous, they will probably love a coffee subscription! We like this one from "The Roasters Pack".

8. An Insulated Mug

Keeping coffee nice and hot throughout the day teaching can be a struggle. We love this insulated mug - perfect for everything from camping to the classroom! Check it out here.

9. Personalized Stance Socks

I personally love getting Stance socks at Christmas. They last forever and are so comfortable. Best of all, there are so many different colours and designs. If you pay attention to what your teachers interests and hobbies are, you could pick out a pair that is more personalized to them. For example, a teacher who loves Star Wars could get these storm trooper socks. Or if they are a baseball fan they could get socks to represent their favourite team, like these Blue Jays socks.

10.  A S'well Water Bottle

There seems to be no shortage of S'well bottles around these days, and for good reason - they are high quality and have super trendy designs. Your teacher will love staying hydrated with their new S'well bottle. Click here for a great selection of styles.

We hope you feel inspired by these teacher gift ideas! Let us know in the comments below if there are any great ones we missed. Cheers to a safe and happy summer!

If you're looking for some fun things to do with your kids this summer, check out our new and improved directory of things to do with kids in Greater Victoria, we cover it all!

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