Are Kids Swimming Lessons Worth It?

Published Mar 11, 2019

Are you debating whether kids swimming lessons are worth it? Pedalheads helps you decide by listing the benefits of taking (and not taking) swimming lessons, showing you where to start, and preparing you for your child’s first swim lesson. 

We are faced with so many decisions about which camps to put our kids in! How do we decide? It can be overwhelming because there are so many great camps out there, and we want our kids to have a breadth of experiences. A great place to start is to get our kids registered for camps that teach lifesaving skills, like swimming. 

The benefits of NOT registering your child for swim lessons.

We like to float all ideas past you so that you feel equipped to make informed decisions. So, let’s look at the benefits of not registering for swim lessons. There are two that we came up with:

  1. You’ll save money
  2. You’ll have time to do other activities with your child

And, that’s about it. Now, let’s dive into the benefits.

Top 5 benefits of swim lessons.

  1. The number one benefit of swimming lessons is that they help to prevent water-related fatalities, significantly! Each year in B.C., lots of people die of drowning, with poor swimming abilities listed as the number-one risk factor, according to the 2016 British Columbia Drowning Report. Getting your kids in swimming lessons early is a strong drowning prevention effort.

  2. Swimming lessons promote social inclusion and confidence. All of the play and interaction helps kids function better around others and better adapt to new circumstances, leading to more self-control, increased self-esteem, and greater independence (

  3. Swimming lessons build neural pathways in your child’s brain. This may help with reading, language development, learning, and spatial awareness later in life (

  4. Swimming lessons teach discipline. Kids may benefit from the regime, scheduling, goal setting, and structure, leading to better self-restraint and time management later on.

  5. Swimming lessons are great exercise! Being in the pool will strengthen your child’s muscles, joints, heart, and lungs. Exercise can also help with appetite and sleep (!

Bonus benefit: Swimming is a super fun family activity. Ensuring your child learns to swim will lead to many memorable moments and more fun family time together. Think of the hours of enjoyment your family will have at the lake or maybe even at the beach during that tropical vacay you’ve been planning.

If you’re ready to register your child, but your head is swimming with fear about what it all will look like, let us guide you through our recommended process!

Where to start.

  • First, get your child comfortable in new environments. For example, take your kid to a pool to splash around a little, or practice in a bathtub.
  • Take your child to one of our pools to watch a lesson.
  • Ask for a tour. Ask the front desk agent or lesson supervisor at one of our pools to show you around. After-school or weekend tours are best because the individual will have more time to spend with you and answer your questions.
  • Talk to the lesson supervisor on deck and ask what a typical lesson looks like.
  • Get a complimentary evaluation of your child’s swimming skills. We offer evaluations at all our pools. Just call our customer care team to schedule a 5- to 10-minute evaluation that will help direct your child to the appropriate level.

Prepared to get your feet wet? Read on to learn about what to expect on your first day.

Preparing for your child’s first swim lesson.

  • Look up the pool address and directions in Google Maps so that you can plan your route and how long it will take you to get there. This preparation will also ease some of the day-of anxiety.
  • Check your confirmation email for information about parking as the rules and regulations are different at each pool.
  • Give your child a light snack before the swimming lesson.
  • Arrive approximately 15 minutes early to acclimatize to the environment.
  • Normalize the process for your child. Tell your kid that the pool is like a big bathtub; this will give him or her a reference point. 

Ultimately, everything is an adventure for our little ones, so sell swimming lessons like one. Tell your child how exciting swimming lessons will be, how many friends they will meet, and how it can feel like flying when floating on the sparkling water and looking down to the bottom of the pool, meters upon meters below.

We hope by now that you see the value in swimming lessons for your child, as we do. Pedalheads Swim (Formerly Atlantis Swim) has been teaching kids ages four months and up to swim safely since 1986.

Using our own proven teaching methods to deliver the Red Cross curriculum, your child will learn the very important life skill of swimming through our one-hour lessons, small class sizes, and warm-water pools. So, if you’re ready, suit up and take the plunge by registering your child in Pedalheads Swim lessons today.

Register today!

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