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Top Preschools & Childcare in Winnipeg

Published Mar 11, 2020

Are you looking for a preschool or childcare provider in Winnipeg? Check out our list of some of our favourite places to send your children to. 

There are a few reasons why parents decide to enrol their children in a preschool or child programs. Parents often want to see their little ones interact with other children, learn to share, and so that their children can learn that it's okay to be away from mom and dad before the big first day of kindergarten starts. 

Below ChatterBlock has rounded up a list of all of our favourite places in Winnipeg to send you kids to. Please feel free to take a look! 

Paradise Montessori Preschool

Nestled in the heart of Winnipeg's upscale Whyte Ridge and Lindenwoods communities, Paradise Montessori Preschool is located in the beautifully landscaped Tuxedo Business Park and bordered by the Fort Whyte Centre For Environmental Education. 

Their bright, licensed facility includes two fully equipped classrooms, as well as an outdoor play area.  Founded in 1999 by Director and Teacher, Lileena Mendis, the school offers a variety of programs and sessions, based on the Montessori Philosophy, for children between the ages of 2 and 6.

The main goal of Paradise Montessori Preschool is to give every student the chance to explore the environment at his or her own pace and to encourage the child to become independent, improving self-confidence and self-esteem, while developing their social, intellectual, and academic skills.

Kids & Company 

Kids & Company provides innovative work/life solutions that supports parents or caregivers to better manage their personal lives so they can be fully engaged at work and assured that their children are getting the best in child care.

They offer such flexible child care solutions because parents should be able to cater their care options to their specific needs. With over 70 locations across Canada, Kids & Company has a centre that will fit your family’s requirements.

Little Lambs Preschool

Little Lambs Preschool provides an academic, social and Christian education program for preschool-aged children, The school is sponsored by the New Martinsville United Methodist Church.

Their goal is to provide a preschool experience that will help children grow socially and emotionally while advancing their language, reasoning and small and large motor skills. An emphasis will be placed on spiritual development.

One bonus of Little Lamb Preschool is that they run a shorter day than many day cares, with half day children being dropped off or picked up at 12:15.

Advantage Child Care Academy Inc.

Advantage Child Care Academy Inc. believes that play is an integral part of the child’s development. The ACCA curriculum has been designed to enrich the lives of the children through: manipulation, exploration, experimentation, observation and expression of the individual.

They value the uniqueness of each child’s personality, level of understanding and pace of learning. Their infant program features three unique rooms & our preschool program features two large imagination inspiring rooms as well as one large Kindergarten preparedness classroom.

Rainbow Day Nursery

Rainbow Day Nursery offers childcare services including programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. Rainbow's Philosophy is that "Children are our most valuable treasure". Rainbow sees each child as an individual person in the process of growing up at their own pace and in their own way. Rainbow aims to facilitate the learning process in a safe and nurturing environment.

South Winnipeg Kinderschule

South Winnipeg Kinderschule is a German Nursery School Program in Winnipeg. Their small community-based centre offers a child-focused and developmentally appropriate emergent curriculum with an emphasis on the arts and music.

The desire for the Kinderschule to use German as a language of instruction does not exclude the use of English in its day to day activities. It is the objective of the Kinderschule to promote the use of the German language and the culture and customs of German-Canadians by creating an environment whereby the German language and culture within the Canadian multicultural framework is promoted through social and intellectual interaction.

*No prior experience with German required.

Kindermusik Discovery

We think Kindermusik will be such a positive and enriching experience for your kids. The teachers make the difference in this program!  They are engaging, knowledgeable, and clearly have an abundance of experience working with little ones.

There is nothing more powerful than you and your child making music together to foster your little one’s growth, development and happiness. Music is one of the first things we respond to as infants, and one of the last things we cling to in our later years. There is no other human pastime with such lasting impact. They are passionate about helping each child to grow into the strong, creative people they were uniquely born to be.

Richmond-King's Nursery School 

Richmond-King's Nursery School is located in south Winnipeg, RKNS is a non-profit, charitable organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Their preschool has been in operation since 1975. 

Want to know what's going on in Winnipeg this weekend? For family-friendly activities to do with your kids check out our Events Page. 😀 

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