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Top Preschools & Childcare Facilities in Edmonton

Published Mar 9, 2020

It can be a challenging decision to choose which preschool or childcare service to send your children to. We've compiled a list of our favourite preschools and childcare facilities here in Edmonton to help you find one that best fits the needs of your family. 

Deciding which preschool or childcare service you want for your child is an important decision. It is a good idea to get as much information as possible before deciding what is best for you and your child. We know how important your child's safety, development and preschool education is to you. As a result, ChatterBlock has made a list of top preschools & childcare services in Edmonton to help you easily compare. 

Seeds and Sprouts OSC

Seeds and Sprouts Early Learning Childcare Centre isn't just a daycare centre; it's a child's home away from home. Educators incorporate the Reggio approach to learning in to day-to-day routines and strive to enhance children's social, physical, language, intellectual, and creative skills. 

So children can learn at their best, Seeds and Sprouts provides high-quality materials, and the facility is kept clean and fresh. 

The educators at Seeds and Sprouts take children's education seriously. They attend multiple workshops every year to keep up to date on the constantly changing field of early childhood education. And outside speakers are invited to present at Seeds and Sprouts at Seeds and Sprout's yearly Professional Development Day. 

First Discoveries Preschool

First Discoveries Preschool believes that play is the highest form of research. It is a child’s natural way of making sense of the surrounding world. Children are always provided a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Play experiences offer ample opportunities to observe, explore, manipulate, test and retest theories and make predictions, tools necessary for whole child development. Firsthand social interactions are the conduit to express feelings, develop confidence, resilience, and for kids to discover their bodies and capabilities. All of this gives little ones a sense of accomplishment and self-fulfillment.

Rio Terrace Community Preschool

Rio Terrace Community Preschool is for your 3 and 4 year olds! Each preschool session includes story time and circle time, free-flow supervised playtime, music enrichment, crafts, snack, and large-muscle group games. Each child is challenged to the extent to which he or she is ready, and children are actively supported and encouraged every step of the way. The teachers are caring and warm. The children go outside most days or run around in the adjacent gym.

Ladybug Picnic Preschool

Ladybug Picnic Preschool provide a Learning Through Play environment for 3 and 4 year old students. LadyBug's small class size (maximum 10 students with one teacher and one teaching assistant, 5:1 ratio) ensures that each student receives individual interactions with their teachers.

Springhill Community Preschool

Springhill Community Preschool has an excellent balance of learning and play. The preschool has a clean environment and approachable staff! Springhill is one of the few preschools in the Edmonton area that offers programming for children as young as two years old. Even at this early age, your child can benefit from social and emotional interaction with children and adults other than their parents and siblings.

Little Flowers Daycare & Preschool

Little Flowers Daycare & Preschool provides the most conducive environment to youthful students an inventive, supporting and empowering condition where kids create autonomy, certainty and a positive feeling of self and their general surroundings. Little Flowers Daycare strongly believes that children are our future, and build programs to focus on putting the future of the kids first. 

Grandin Préscolaire-Preschool

Grandin Préscolaire-Preschool is an enriched, part-time, learn-through-play program that is conducted in both English and French. They strive to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of children by providing a carefully planned and developmentally age appropriate program.

They help strengthen and promote children’s confidence, potential and individuality by encouraging the children to learn through play, and make meaningful relationships with those around them. This is all done in a French atmospehere, created by qualified, French speaking teachers.

Rainbow Daycare

Rainbow Daycare provides a safe, healthy, nurturing and responsive environment for your child. They are committed to supporting each child's developmental needs by cherishing individual differences, promoting their self-esteem and helping them learn to play and work cooperatively. This year they have summer field trips for 3 and up. They also facilitate their adventures, allowing them to learn through exploration and discovery. 

Summerside Child Care

Summerside Child Care Center concentrates on molding confident, motivated, and independent men and women out of the curious little children in our family. To make this possible, they tune in our focus to problem solving, decision making, and self-help skills, while promoting interpersonal communication towards the development of their morale and self-concept. The staff is extremely friendly, clean and caring. Great environment; the children.

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