Best Parent Bloggers in Winnipeg, MB

Published Apr 30, 2018 | Updated Oct 28, 2019

We are back with the next list of our favorite Parent Bloggers. And this time we chose bloggers from Winnipeg, Manitoba. We hope our readers will enjoy reading about these awesome bloggers.

There are so many awesome parent bloggers in Winnipeg and its always so wonderful to read blogs by these parents, whether its about their experiences with their little ones, travelling, fashion, health, fitness and about anything else. 

Even though we love their blogs, a few times we miss out reading about these awe-inspiring bloggers who put in a great deal of efforts to come up with this amazing content for us to read.

So the team at decided to compile an article for our readers, with small intros about these awesome parent bloggers in Winnipeg.

So enjoy the read..

Parent 1: Susie Erjavec Parker

Blog :

Susie, is the founder and editor of and is dedicated to helping Winnipeg families with the latest in local lifestyle, food, travel, and entertainment with a focus on fun and affordable.

Susie is a wife and mom of 3 wonderful, adorable children. Unabashed social media and Starbucks addict.

Her writing tends to focus on parenthood, food and recipes, family, politics, and of course, business. She is also Founder and Owner of SPARKER Strategy Group,  Winnipeg’s first and only agency dedicated to social media and public relations. 

You can read more about Susie here.

Parent 2 : Nadine Chappellaz

Blog : Save Money in Winnipeg

Here is what nadine say "I have been writing at Save Money in Winnipeg for over 9 years and it's really flown by! I started when my daughter was a toddler and it was a great way to cut costs. Instead of phoning people to let them know the deals I kept finding, a cousin suggested starting a website. 
Now finding deals is a family affair and I love sharing everything I find with other Canadians, whether it's sales or events or just new products we love."

You can read more about Nadine here and follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Parent  3 & 4 : Ryan and Jessica Bowman

Blog : We  Winnipeg

Ryan and Jessica Bowman are the Co-founders of We Heart Winnipeg, a digital media company that spreads the word about the people, places and things that make them proud to call Winnipeg home. From killer food (so, so much food), world-class events, a vibrant arts scene, gorgeous greenspace, markets, stellar music, a thriving start-up movement and an eclectic collection of neighbourhoods for every lifestyle, there's a lot to love about the community. They're currently expecting their first child and look forward to raising another awesome Winnipegger.

You can read more about We Heart Winnipeg here.

Parent 5 : Cristina Evangelista

Blog : Momsie's Blog

For the past 5 years, Tina, who is  known as Momsie to her online friends has been passionate about her “blog life.” 

Momsie’s Circle or “Momsiecle” is about Tina’s journey as an immigrant in Canada.  As her family start anew in Canada in 2009,  she started to write about her challenges and triumphs in Canada as an immigrant.  In March 2012, went live and became her official blog site.  She decided to dedicate Momsie’s Circle to creating posts that are not only about herself or her family, she wants her blog site to be a place to come for immigrants. Being a busy working mom of three children, she also shares stories about motherhood and family life in her blog.  

You can find Momsie on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and read more about her here.

Parent 6 : Carl Seier

Blog : Stranger Connection Winnipeg

Carl is father to two incredible daughters, a Winnipeg Real Estate Agent, an avid runner and someone passionate about Winnipeg.

After seeing a fellow marathoner pushing a wheelchair during a race, Carl was inspired to start ‘My Team Triumph Manitoba‘ in 2013. myTEAM TRIUMPH Manitoba is an athletic ride-along program created for children, teens, and adults with disabilities who would normally not be able to experience endurance events such as marathons or road races. He purchased 3 running wheelchairs and myTEAM Triumph Manitoba was created. 

In addition to that – he began the ‘Stranger Connection Winnipeg‘ in an effort to ‘connect’ people and make them more empathetic toward each other and aware that we never really know what someone else is going through, or what their story is. The whole pretense of The Stranger Connection Winnipeg is to get people to open up and be connect with one another. Put down their phones and IPads and engage with one another.

You can read more about Carl here.

Parent 7 & 8 : Fiona and Jaqueline

Blog : Mommy Blog Lines

Fiona and Jaqueline are mothers of adult children and have co-written their blog, Mommy Blog Lines: Tal[k]ing about Care, since 2011. They enjoy the twists and turns of thinking through sharing, disclosure, and self-censoring online. As feminists, they grapple with ways to invoke privacy values and boundary setting in a liberatory tradition that celebrates the female voice and the possibilities of self-expression. Does writing a parenting blog necessitate presenting news about close relations and relationships? What is frank and fair, and what constitutes stepping over the line in talking about others? Their blog offers space for open discussion and reflection on the decision-making process about protecting privacy.

You can read more about Fiona and Jaqueline here.

Parent 9 : Nita Sharda

Blog : Carrots & Cakes

Nita Sharda is a Registered Dietitian, wife to her highschool sweetheart, an absolute foodie and owner of Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting. Her interest in food was sparked when she was a little girl. She would often spend time in the kitchen admiring her mother’s touch with Indian cuisine. It was time spent working at her family’s convenience store that eventually lead her to pursue a career in Dietetics. In 2013, she brought to life Carrots and Cake.

Nita’s primary goal with the blog was to attract clients that she can offer nutrition counseling on a one-to-one basis. As well, her colleagues and peers would always display interest in her snacks and lunch items, so, along came recipe development and blogging! Nita enjoys sharing recipes, offering nutrition education and inspiring viewers to get into the kitchen!

You can find Nita on Instagram, Facebook and read more her about here.

Parent 10 : Natalie Bell

Blog : Peg City Lovely

PegCityLovely is a growing personal lifestyle blog sharing engaging stories and experiences in Winnipeg and beyond, all with an energizing, motivating flair! PegCityLovely features local stories, food, travel, biz profiles, fun giveaways, events, interviews, and healthy lifestyle posts.

Natalie, social dynamo, is a full time working mom of 3 who demonstrates a clear passion for people both offline and online. Natalie thrives on experiences as they happen and is authentically relatable to her audience with her love for live videos. Her ultimate purpose in life is to make meaningful connections all over the world and have a great time doing it!  

Find Natalie on InstagramFacebookTwitter and her blog.

We at salutes all these wonderful & awe-inspiring parents & bloggers and we would like to offer them a small badge in their honour- 

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