Playgrounds and Parks in Victoria: Our Favourites.

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Published Jan 20, 2017

Head to one of these colourful playgrounds in Victoria and explore the different neighbourhoods. Here's my (and my sons) top 5, let's see how many of our favourites you've also found!

One Park, Two Park, Red Park, Blue Park…Some of Our Favourites

Our days have been purposely accented with parks almost every day as of recent. I guess it is that time of year. The rain is starting to let up, leaving vacant skies and a sun eager to part the clouds to shine brightly.

For such a rainy little city, Victoria is littered with fun colourful parks at almost every corner. Some are geared towards older or younger kids, but most have a nice mixture of both. There is such an array of diversity to be found from one neighbourhood to the next, and we’ve been able to do a lot of exploration to find our favourites.

Although I could easily write a thesis sized post on the playgrounds and parks in Victoria BC, I have narrowed it down to my or rather my son’s top 5!

The Park at Willows’ Beach (or at least, that’s what we call it)

Without doubt, every visit to Willows is bookended with this park. My son loves the “toddler” section because it has a steering wheel, a bridge, and double slides (what’s better than one slide? Two!) It overlooks the beach, so the scenery is pretty breathtaking as well. Beside the toddler park is one geared towards older kids with larger play structures, and a distinct climbing apparatus that I have yet to figure out. And to make it even better, there are washrooms located directly beside the parks.

The Truck Park (and across the field, the parks behind James Bay Elementary)

This park is loved because of the imagination that ensues when we enter it. My son makes a beeline for the truck, climbing through one of it’s many open windows. He will then proceed to put out fires, pick up friends, stop at red lights — wherever his imagine takes him. The slide is made to look like an elephant, which makes it fun to make up games, and there is a little playhouse where my son loves to make me all sorts of pretend food. I know lots of moms who consider this one of the best parks in Victoria.

If you walk from this park across the field to the parks behind James Bay Elementary, you will find two parks side by side. One is dedicated to older kids, and has a higher climbing structure, slide, and small swirly wheel, and the other one is fenced (I love fenced parks) and made for much younger players. With smaller ladders, textured walls, and steering walls, this park is also one of our favorites. The play goes beyond physical, as there are different toys placed within the wall of the structure that move when touched, creating a learning experience for youngsters.

Cook Street Playground (or the Christmas Tree park, as we call it)

We love this park. We affectionately call it the Christmas Tree Park because it has this huge carousel with encircling green rope in the shape of a tree. This park also has a zip line, and although my son is terrified of it, it appears to be very popular with other children. With a full set of equipment with ladders, steps, texture walls, and slides, this park also has a huge sand box filled with a red dinosaur and dinosaur eggs. We love climbing onto its neck, and into its mouth — this park definitely feeds our imaginations! And since being recently renovated, this is one of the most friendly and popular parks in Victoria. But don’t let that worry you, it is so large and so varied there is space for everyone.

The Red Park (Victor School Playground in Fernwood)

This park is about as much fun to play on as it is to look at. I love the fact that it is enclosed, so my little runner is confined to an easily watchable space. This park reminds me of outer space, because it’s all red, and has some fun equipment that we don’t usually get to play on at other parks for instance it is one of the only parks in Victoria with a sway boat! With a rubber floor, this park also means less random finds in the gravel (which I’m thankful for). And, for kids that love to run and play in grass, there is some open grassy space nearby.

Oaklands Park (down the street from Oaklands Elementary)

My son has the activities in this park memorized, and floats from one piece of equipment to the next purely out of muscle memory. Although it doesn’t have a gate, it is fenced in for the most part. It boasts a sandbox, swings, slides, and some other fun little pieces that are unique to this space. Like, for instance, this running log that my son loves to sit and twist on. The bridges and steering wheels are also, always, a plus. Like a few parks in Victoria, there are shared toys left in the sandbox permanently so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own!

So there you have it, these are the places where we spend many of our sunny (and cloudy) days. Sometimes we do park tours, where we move from park to park. Every little borough of Victoria is filled with parks and kids. These parks speak to the downtown/central/Fairfield area, however, given a day to explore I’m sure one could discover gems in all areas.

Happy Playing ChatterBlockers. and if you have a favourite park, do let us know in the comments below!

And don't forget- if you're ever looking for fun things to do with your kids, check out our always updating schedule of events for all the upcoming kid-friendly happenings in Victoria!

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