Life of a Working Mom: How do You Find Balance?

Published Apr 26, 2013

Angelique Troyer is a Super Star Single Parent Mom and Realtor with Royal Lepage Coast Capital Realty, she’s weighs in here about what it takes to juggle a career with parenthood, and her attempt to find balance in a life as a working mom.

“These days I always have to take a deep breath and remind myself that worry rarely changes the outcome of any situation.  When faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles in life, we, as moms, can generally pull off near miracles from just the contents of our cupboards.

Having been blessed with a relatively quiet and subdued first boy child, I was able to merrily sail along balancing parenting with working nights and congratulating myself on my vastly superior skills because we were able to go to nice restaurants with the toddler in tow and he would sit quietly at the table and read his books or play with his cars while we basked in the envy of every other parent in the place.  The arrival of boy number 2 quickly dispelled my illusions regarding the level of control one actually has over ones children.  I no longer congratulate myself on my superior parenting skills.

I am now the mom that gets shot dirty looks and not so whispered remarks of derision from the childless and those parents that had the good sense to stop at one, as I attempt to maintain an ounce of dignity and professionalism as I drag an irate toddler through the mall by one leg, as I race from one appointment to another so I can pick up the older boy from school on time.  What I’ve learned- you get the easy baby first, it ensures the propagation of the species.  If the order had been reversed in my two, there would not have been a second one, I’d have been too afraid.  Continuing to work nights while juggling a newborn with the early mornings of a school aged child proved to me that human beings, even moms, need some sleep.  With that realization,  I decided a drastic career change was a necessity, not just a dream.

I decided on a new career in Real Estate, that would allow me the freedom to be with my kids, which combined many of my skills and interests.  My new career is fun, challenging, interesting and in many ways, not at all what I had envisioned when I started this journey.  I truly love helping people find their perfect home, nothing makes me happier than helping to make what seems impossible a reality.  It has forced me to re-examine what I believe it takes to make a house a home.   I’ve learned that people are rarely looking for a house; they’re looking for the right frame to put around their family.

The challenges and successes of the past year have made me realize that I really am capable of almost anything, even if the end result doesn’t really look anything like what I had pictured in the beginning.  I am probably never going to be a slick and polished looking real estate agent, with the perfect car and immaculate suit.  I am always going to have smears of home made peanut butter (we ran out, and as most moms can attest to, I was willing to try just about anything to avoid a trip to the grocery store with the kids) and God knows what else on my clothes, there will always be Cheerios and granola bar wrappers in between the seats of my car and I can absolutely guarantee I will not be taking exotic vacations anytime soon.  I also know that I understand the challenges that face today’s families better than probably any other Realtor around; I’ve had to live through pretty much every single unforeseen circumstance in the space of a single year which has been tough but my challenges have made me a better mom, a better person and a better, more understanding and compassionate, Realtor.  I’ve realized just how capable I really am, even if it means using Duck tape instead of a very necessary but misplaced belt when getting the kids ready for little league practice.

I think I might try juggling chainsaws in the coming year, just to keep things exciting.”

It’s stories like Angelique’s that make me want to hug my mom!

If you have any questions for Angelique, feel free to email her at:

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Francesca Stahl
By Francesca Stahl
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