Healthy Halloween Treats

Published Sep 30, 2013

I don’t know what I get more excited about during this time of year, the slough of pumpkin inspired decorations popping up everywhere or the tasty chocolate treats lining grocery store check-outs. My one issue with the latter is that my son is constantly begging for these gooey delicious treats and I’m forced to explain why it’s better he eat healthy Halloween treats.

Truthfully, heathy Halloween treats are better for me as well, for all of us (although the small indulgence in chocolate and candy is never something I will look down upon). Having a child has really pushed me to look for healthier alternatives when brewing up treats for the Halloween season upon us. And, while many kids and parents shy away from homemade and home-wrapped Halloween treats, there are alternatives for what you dish out to those trick-or-treaters as well!

Healthy Halloween Treats Tips:

I love this idea of a Halloween inspired bento box. Although it contains all healthy foods, the pieces are cut and shaped in a Halloween theme. This can also be done with Halloween shaped cookie cutters, used on sandwiches and as fruit and veggie separators.

With cupcake recipes like this one, you can substitute the fondant icing for a cream cheese based icing, and cut the sugar in half for the actual cake batter. The treats will still taste just as good but the sugar content will be more than halved over all.

This idea is great, especially for those picky eaters who don’t always like to try new things! By seeing these creepy and silly faces, getting kids to eat healthy Halloween treats on a notoriously sugary occasion will be much easier! Another breakfast alternative for this is to make crepes and use fruit cut outs instead of vegetables.

I also like these cheese fingers, because they are something I know my child will love! This makes an easy and quick party snack, and you can change these up with different colored nails.

Popsicle recipes are also a great way to make healthy Halloween treats. You are able to mix different fruits and yogurts together to design creepy crawly scenes within the moulds.

Handout Alternatives:

Perhaps my personal favorite are small bags of nuts, although this can get expensive and since there are many kids (and adults) these days with allergies, you’ll need to use your own judgement for the kids in your neighborhood.

Granola bars are also a great choice, and although some may argue that the sugar content is similar to most candy treats, there are healthier options available if you do some searching around.

Apple slices and mandarin oranges. These are great options if you buy them from the grocery store and leave them unopened. My parents always inspected everything, and fruit was always a welcome treat. It was nice to feel the refreshing taste of fruit juices squirt in my mouth after gourds and gourds of chocolate and caramel.

When in doubt, there are always toothbrushes to ensure those teeth go to bed good and clean!

Happy Halloween everyone, have fun with your healthy Halloween treats!

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