16 Best Parenting Blogs in BC

Published Feb 2, 2015 | Updated Oct 28, 2019

We Have A 2015 Edition!

Visit our updated "Best Of Mommy Bloggers" in our 2015 Awards You'll see some familiar faces as well as new & noteworthy bloggers who offer great advice, insights, and stories.

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Parents in BC don’t need to look far when it comes to parenting advice.  If you’re a mom or dad, you’re surrounded by dozens of other parents who blog about what matters most to them – parenting and children. ChatterBlock has been working with a number of bloggers throughout British Columbia over the last few years, and we are pleased to present our top pick of the 16 best parenting blogs in BC. These blogs cover a broad spectrum of topics:  parenting tips and advice, nutrition and fitness, products you’ll love, hilarious moments, and personal journeys through parenthood.

ChatterBlock’s list of the 16 Best Parenting Blogs in BC:

Mama and the City‘s Nadia Venus completed her BSc in Industrial Engineering and Business Management, and currently works full time. At Mama and the City she blogs about the juggling act of being a mom with one chiquita, a full-time professional and a photography hobbyist. In addition to sharing her observations from around Vancouver, she discusses her family, which has fostered a special comfort writing about her mother and the experience of growing up with a parent who has Bipolar Manic Disorder. She hopes she can provide insight and awareness around mental health and its prevalence in society. But it’s not all drama: what to do and where to eat pops up from time to time, and because of her Mexican background, she’s always — siempre — on the hunt for a great taco.

Pax on the Island is a story of a single-mom who had a baby named Taran. 10-months later she returned to university to finish her degree. 6-months after that she met her now fiancé. Her beautiful son is newly three-years-old, she has recently completed her degree, her wedding is weeks away, and they have a new baby due to arrive in February. This blog captures life with a busy toddler, work-at-home mom, dad who works away, and everything that comes in-between. On top of this (and something that readers tend to love) is the discussions that push the envelope on topics that are just beginning to be discussed mainstream, such as why people choose to parent, gender equality in children, fear based living, etc. You’ll also find tips on natural living, attachment parenting and lighter posts that weave with aspects of our day-to-day life.

Whine and Cheese documents the highs and lows of a being a 40 something mom, living in the burbs with her two not so little dudes. Loves wine, does not love whining. For the most part she is at the mercy of her children, but by day, Christine is a Chief Beautification Officer at MsPixel and by night she drinks, and blogs (often at the same time). You’ll find witty posts that make for a fun and informative read, along with her favourite products, stores, books, people, and of course, wine.

Mommy Brainiac is a place where parents can share mommy brain/pregnancy brain stories so that other people can share in the hilarity of it all. We could all use a laugh! People love this blog because mommy brain is something all mom’s and parents can relate to. It feels good to read the stories, have a good belly laugh and know that we’re not alone. Share your stories at Mommy Brainiac, because mommy brain is real, and it’s also hilarious.

Keen Mommy‘s Melissa Keen is a wife, mommy of one 2 year old little boy, and  is currently working as a registered nurse in a Vancouver Fertility Clinic. With a background in neonatal intensive care nursing, Melissa is equipped with a wealth of knowledge in her career and in her own personal battles with Thyroid Cancer, the world of being a patient in the Canadian Health Care System. After her third and most recent battle with papillary thyroid cancer, Melissa took it upon herself to share her story world wide. Cancer has shown it’s ugly side to the world, but this time it’s picked a fight with the wrong mommy. She sees the brighter side of things when life is dark and gloomy, and is determined to be a strong voice for all thyroid cancer patients and survivors. Melissa invites you in to her world as she moves forward with life, contemplates her next steps and enjoys her family and the possibility of adding to it.

3 Chickens and a Boat - A mom who knew there had to be more than an overwhelming suburban life filled with good jobs and soccer practices, Julie swept her family off onto a small island in BC to start over! Craving a life of fulfillment she blogs about facing fears and courageously going after your dreams! She believes that if you do something, you should do it fully: eat butter, sweat hard and laugh till you pee. Julie’s blog is filled with stories of how her family adapts and continues to strive for a fulfilled life… while enjoying a few perks along the way! You’ll love the honesty and truth in this blog, the seemingly “idyllic” life she has created, oh and her “Ugly food that Tastes Great” column.

Divorce Doula‘s Pamela writes about her experience in the After Wife with humour, honesty and heart. Having lived through a tumultuous divorce, she now has a pretty awesome relationship with the father of her two children: The World’s Best Ex-Husband. Pamela isn’t a therapist, a lawyer or even a doula but her writing resonates deeply with others experiencing their own separation or divorce. By day she is a publicist at ElevatedPR.com and also writes for BLUNTMoms.com and UrbanMommies.ca

Victoria Mom is a digital magazine for moms in Victoria, and was voted 2013′s Best of the City. Weekly workouts, local practitioners FAQ, stroller routes, drop in schedules, reviews, business directory, weekly mom guest bloggers talking about life in the city and lots more. They’ve built an online community for moms who love living in Victoria and work with locals to bring genuine information to readers. From healthcare practitioners to mom business owners, you’ll get something valuable to read in those 2 minutes of respite you get each day!

Slow is the New Fast‘s Nikki writes about her life from injury to ultra. Told she would never be able to run again because of injuries from a car accident, Nikki set her sights on doing just that and gained her confidence and strength through learning to run. Since then she has run countless half marathons, full marathons, ultra marathons and welcomed two sweet little boys to the world in the process. Nikki loves being an active mom and finds creative ways to manage her family and busy training schedule together.

Moments in Mommyland is a blog all about the daily joys and struggles of motherhood. Through her writing, Carolyn shares her every day life with two boys two and under and the adventures that they get up to as a family.  She enjoys connecting with and supporting other mothers in similar situations and helping them to realize that they are not alone. Motherhood is hard sometimes but it’s also full of joy and incredible blessings, join Carolyn as she shares her thoughts on the crazy world of parenting!

Sexplainer helps parents raise sexually intelligent kids.  Marnie, as a sex educator and parent, doesn’t want mass media and school yard myths educating kids about sex and sexuality.  Marnie’s approach is honest, thoughtful, funny and at times provocative. Sexplainer will make you think of some issues in a new way and will provide tips for having lots of conversations with your kids. Her hope is that adults can challenge themselves, learn a bit, and have ongoing conversations with their kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews about sex.

Velo Family Diaries chronicles the adventures, the challenges and triumphs of Melissa and her family, who live car-free in Vancouver, BC. With a focus on how changing to a carbon reduced lifestyle has benefitted her family in more ways than just their health, as well as touching on some of the social issues that impact their lifestyle, the blog hopes to challenge people’s perception of how easy living without a car can be and encourage them to try it for themselves.

Savvy Suburban Mama - Living in the suburbs by choice (and commuting to the city) Jackie writes about things that most parents can relate to.  With a mix of personal thoughts, constant decluttering, homecare ideas, reviews and giveaways, Savvy Suburban Mama reaches out to other Mothers who are living a busy life, too.  With two boys, aged four and six, to bring inspiration as well as a husband, dog, a little house and a whole lot of yard, there is never a lack of things to share.

UsedVictoria.com is part of the largest Canadian owned, homegrown, network of classified sites. Locals can connect to buy, sell and trade. We started in Vancouver where our aim was to keep as many items out of the landfill as possible and we’ve grown from there.  The site is in 24/7 moderation and is 100% family-friendly. We have a moderation team that liaises with buyers and sellers and makes sure that we keep our users as safe as possible while they shop and sell. The UsedBlog features several bloggers local to Vancouver and Victoria and has a focus on upcycling, DIY, vintage, crafts, saving money, staying green and how to search for a bargain on our sites and in your city. This is a great, unique blog because it is a collective, featuring several fab bloggers from the west coast.

EcoBravo was started with a passion for celebrating good people, good places and good products. Most of us couldn’t imagine going back to pioneer life, but we can change our habits to be friendlier to our health, to our budgets and to the planet. EcoBravo helps you find eco versions of everyday things, by consuming less and consuming better you can use your hard earned dollars for good. You can support your local community, make change in the world, and create a healthier, happier home for your family.

Fitknitchick is calling all 40+ women looking to improve their health, fitness and general well-being. Created by 46-year old author (Ultimate Booty Workouts, available January 14th, 2014), personal trainer,  group fitness instructor, PhD (Biology), knitter extraordinaire and hormonally-challenged mother of three, Tamara Grand’s mission is to motivate, educate and help you be the healthiest version of you possible, regardless of age and ability. Look for her popular free, real-time workout videos, explanations of current exercise theory and jargon-free translations of the latest health and fitness research. And if you’re looking for more specific, personalized information, fitknitchick also offers an innovative 10-week online training program aimed specifically at women over 40.

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