How We Purged The Kids’ Toys Without All Hell Breaking Loose

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Published Aug 1, 2014

Purge those toys! Too much is too much.

To help with the transition, we boxed up every single toy in the house except for one absolute favorite for each kid (Jack’s coveted LEGO and Liam’s well-loved board games). We then piled the boxes of toys in our spare room and assured the boys that the toys were not being given away just yet, but until we have a chance to sort through them all, they were not to touch the boxes. 

And a funny thing happened. A few days went by. Then a week. Then two weeks. Then a month. And the boxes sat untouched.

In fact, save for one or two special toys, the boys didn’t even remember what was inside the boxes and seemed to forget they were even there! And so a month later, we didn’t actually sort anything. I simply retrieved the few special toys they had requested and we set aside the rest of the boxes for our spring time garage sale.

Without all the clutter and distractions of so many toys, we noticed the boys started being more imaginative and were role-playing more. Liam started to create his own elaborate board games to play as a family and Jack dove even deeper into his beloved LEGO collection. In the months since the purge, we have yet to see one single negative impact. Not one. The boys now each have one special chest drawer (which used to be overfilled with junky toys from birthday party goodie bags, random toys pieces, and God only knows what else) which they are allowed to keep whatever they want inside. As long as it fits!

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Natasha Drisdelle

Written by Natasha Drisdelle

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