Ye Olde Family Games Night

Published Feb 23, 2015

With these rainy days and chilly winter evenings upon us, more of our play and family time is spent indoors. You could be forgiven for wanting to throw the Wii out of the window and the TV in the trash as your kids slowly melt into console addicted zombies. But fret not, here is a list of non-digital games to have fun with. Play them on family games night, teach them to the kids to amuse themselves, or save them for Christmas, either way these games are fun for the whole family and easy to teach and learn.

Post it Note Game – This is a good game for birthdays and Christmas parties. As guests enter, pin a post it note on their back with the name of a well-known person on it. Throughout the gathering, guests can ask each other yes or no questions to ascertain who they are. Keep it age appropriate. For kids, think Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, and princesses.

Quiz – Make a Christmas quiz a tradition. Divide the family into teams and prepare to be quiz master. Stick to a Christmas theme or go for broader general knowledge with questions for each age group.

Name that Tune – Select 30 songs, again bearing in mind players’ ages, play five seconds of each one asking the players to guess the song and the artist.

Adverb Carol – This is a quick and silly game for around the dinner table. One player thinks of an adverb, e.g. angry, and whispers it to their neighbour who then sings a Christmas carol in that manner! Other players must then guess which adverb.

Charades – Another traditional game for the whole family. Ask everyone to write down ten popular phrases, or book, song, or movie titles onto scraps of paper and put them in a pot. When the time comes to play, one person chooses a piece of paper and then has to act out the phrase for the others in the room to guess what it is. No words, just mimes.

Treasure Hunt – An exciting game for kids at Christmas, especially if the final treasure is a much coveted gift.

Board Games – It’s always worth having a few favourite board games in the house. If you are going to be playing with a mix of ages, look for games that will be all inclusive. Think Zingo (like Bingo), Snakes and Ladders, Pictionary, Cranium, Monopoly Junior, Clue Junior and Scrabble Junior.

Dictionary Game – This is a game you can play at the kitchen table in the mornings. Someone picks a random word by flicking through the dictionary and reads it aloud. Players then write down what they think the meaning of this word is including origin. The person closest to the actual meaning wins the point.

There are many more great games that you can play as a family including cards, dominos and a tonne of board games. Sure, it may take some coaxing but if you are excited to play, chances are your kids will be too!

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