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6 Great Tips to Organise Your Child’s Rooms

Published Nov 2, 2017 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Learn how to organise your kid's room with 6 simple, yet effective tips.

If your child’s bedroom is a mess (like many children), it’s time to get proactive and start getting things organised. There are specific periods of a year when motivation is high for children, for example, the start of the school year or school semester.

So, how do you help your child organise and clean up their bedroom? We have compiled a few easy tips to get you on your way.

Get on Their Level

This may seem a little silly, but it does help. Look at their room, storage, furniture and anything else from their vantage point. Drawers that are difficult to work, folding closet doors and high hanging rods that are out of reach will not work. Make sure they have suitable storage that they can operate.

To organise a child’s room, the solutions must fit them. Use floor level containers to holds toys and open plastic baskets to store socks and underwear. This leads to the next point.

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Bottom to Top

When you’re organising their bedroom, it’s common to pick something up and put it on a shelf that’s at your waist height or easy for you. However, this does not work for your little ones.

Always start organising bottom to top. Start with the most used items down the very bottom, lower draws, shelves or even on the floor out of the way. Higher levels are for the less used objects.

Get them involved

Don’t go about this job by yourself! You want to teach your children organisation and cleanliness. Look at the organisation process as a little learning activity, put the focus on the child. As you work through things, you can see what’s working and what’s not working.

Work with your child, you will have a better chance of the room staying clean compared to doing it yourself.

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Sort It, Store It and Simplify It

Think about it, children’s rooms are often small, or shared and typically lack built-in storage. These rooms are often the ones holding the most, clothing, toys and surplus from other places around the house.

Start with clothing, anything that is out of season can be stored somewhere else. Removing all the excess stuff will create room in draws and closets, meaning clothes won’t go back on the floor. If you don’t have storage at home, a sharing community site like Spacer offer cheap self-storage that suits a range of needs.

With toys, games or other things in this category, ask your child what they like and what they are not playing with much anymore. Start culling items and selling them or giving them away. If you have younger children, hand the items down or put them in storage.


We are trying to organise and keep it organised! Labels are always key. You might be saying “my child can’t read labels”, think of it as a learning experience. They can improve reading and writing skills as well as organisation. The key is not making the labels too complex.

Use your computer if you don’t have a label maker. Use simple designs with colours that coordinate with words on the label. It’s a good idea to put pictures on the labels as well; this helps association with words. As they improve, you can make the labels harder and words longer. You can even make a game out of it, matching labels to locations and objects.

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Easy to Put Away, Hard to Get Out

This isn’t always easy but is great when it works. Make it easier to put something away than it is to get out.

For example, store books in a flip file format, standing upright in a plastic dishpan. This way, the child searches through, chooses one, and tosses the book in the front of the dishpan when they are done. If we look at a traditional bookshelf, they can pull out every book with ease.

This is not rocket science; common sense will prevail. Start early because teaching your kids how to organise their room will take time. Good luck!

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