Best Mommy Bloggers in Portland

Published Oct 3, 2017

Here is a list of the best Mommy Bloggers in Portland for 2017. We think these bloggers are really something special & hope our readers enjoy learning a bit about them.

We have some great Mommy Bloggers in the city of Portland. And we often read so many great blogs and article from them, where they share their insights & experiences about family, kids, travelling, fashion health & fitness and so much more.

But a few times we miss reading about these wonderful bloggers who put in a great deal of effort to come up with these amazing write ups.

So the content team at has decided to give our readers a small intro of these great Mommy Bloggers for year 2017 in Portland city. So here we go...

Mom 1: Molly Porter 

Blog : Half Ass Homemaker

Molly lives in NW Portland with her two girls, her sweet husband, and their two cats. She is parenting with intention, feeding the clan with careful intention, and trying to keep the house in order. It's tricky to do all three things. Especially when what she really wants to do is laze about in the park talking with The Mamas drinking a glass of wine while the kiddos run amok.

She writes about the struggle to figure it all out without losing focus of what really matters: Teaching the sweet babies to go forth with kindness and confidence.

You can read more about Molly here.

Mom 2 : Autumn Bettinger 

Blog : PNW Mountain Mommy

PNW Mountain Mommy is written by outdoors lover and new mom, Autumn Bettinger. A lifelong nature advocate, Autumn created pnwmountainmommy to be a place where moms could gain the confidence to take their little ones outside.

From neighborhood walks to wilderness forays, the blog is peppered with tips, humor, and a dose of day-to- day mom life. Originally created simply for parents who wanted to get their families into nature, it has transformed into a collection of opinions, adventures, and blind- leading-the- blind humor that pushes the blog somewhere between lifestyle, environmental stewardship, and first time mom jitters.

You can read more about Autumn here.

Mom 3 : Chara Donahue 

Blog : Anchored Voices

Anchored Voices was conceived to foster an online community where women can remind one another that when the waves of life hit—in Jesus, the soul is safe.
Chara Donahue is the founder and editor of Anchored Voices, a wife, and mother to four. She is a contributor at The Portland Moms Blog and iBelieve, holds an MSEd from Corban University, and longs to be a voice that says, "We are in this together, and there is room for us all." Get in touch with her on Facebook or Twitter.

You can read more about Chara here.

Mom 4 : Katie Marreel

Blog : Eating Lean & Green

Born and raised in the Portland area, Katie has dedicated her life to living healthier and helping others to do the same. She has recently become a group fitness instructor, teaching indoor cycling and strength classes in Beaverton. She is an active mother, wife and self taught gourmet cook. Katie's eCookbook Eating Lean and Green and blog recipes have pushed the boundaries of the Lean and Green movement to an entirely new level, opening the eyes of the most seasoned dieters. 
You can read more about Katie here.

Mom 5 : Connie Armerding

Blog : Truth + Love

Connie tells stories of discovering hope amidst the daily rhythms of life. She shares candidly through her writing of both the struggles and victories through her journey as friend, sister, wife and mother. She loves the creative process and is currently honing the craft of writing as a grad student at Portland Seminary.
In addition to writing on her personal blog, she is a regular contributor for Portland Mom’s Blog, Joy of It, and True & Noble. Connie is married to the love of her life, Taylor, and they have four children.
You can read more about Connie here.

Mom 6 : Amber Kanallakan

Blog : Her "Yes" Legacy

Her “Yes” Legacy is a compilation of Amber’s thoughts on everything from navigating relationships to special needs adoption to social justice issues to life as a Cali girl in the PNW. Amber describes herself as a “risk taker” and is passionate about encouraging others to use their gifts to do great things.

Amber is the wife to her high-school sweetheart and mama to three kids, ages 9, 6, and 3. Her idea of a perfect day includes macaroons, family bike rides and “Parks and Rec” re-runs.

You can read more about Amber here.

Mom 7 : Wynter Kaiser 

Blog : Made to Mother

The Made to Mother (M2M) Project was founded by Wynter, a wife and mother by day, and writer and editor every extra minute. Wynter is also a birth mom to a teenage boy somewhere out there.

Motherhood is such a powerful force in many women’s lives, and when we engage with other women swapping stories of life in the mommy trenches, it helps us remember that we are not alone. We ALL have a story to tell and SOMEONE out there will be moved by hearing them. Made to Mother tells the stories of how women have been shaped, inspired, and encouraged by the women around us. When we tell our stories, they continue to shape, inspire, encourage, and change others for generations to come.

You can read more about Wynter here.

Mom 8 : Susan Dieter-Robinson 

Blog : Love Drenched Life

Susan does not consider herself a natural writer but rather found the gift of writing as a tool to help her move through grief after her daughters, Anna and Abigail, went to Heaven due to a tragic accident in 2013. A dear friend set up a blog and gifted her an outlet to pour her broken heart. She’s been writing ever since. She will forever be grateful for this gift as she has found that the written word along with her unwavering faith in God has allowed her to stay very connected to her daughters and their beautiful lives here and in Heaven. 

She is also a contributor at the Portland Mom's Blog and founder of Love Rocks,

You can read more about Susan here.

We at salutes all these wonderful & awe-inspiring mommy bloggers and here is the badge we would like to offer them in their honour. 


Did we miss a few of your favourite mommy bloggers in the list? 
Please let us know in the comments section.

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