Cute Ways to Thank Your Child's Nurses

Published Jun 28, 2017

One of the few comforts in leaving a child overnight in the hospital is knowing that they’re in the kind and capable hands of professional nurses.

While nursing school teaches nurses everything from Anatomy to Z-track injections, it’s their big hearts and caring nature that really makes a nurse’s profession “a work of heart.”

Let your nurses know how much you appreciate not only their expertise, but also the company and compassion your child received when it was needed the most. Here are a few gift ideas that you and your child can create and give together as a token of thanks.

Give Them A Hand

There’s no doubt that nursing is hard on the hands. Constant washing and using harsh disinfectants can leave hands dry and hurting, even when those hands need to be soft and gentle for children in their care. Your child can turn a bottle of quality lotion or hand cream into a special gift, by making a personalized tag for the bottle. Start with an outline of your child’s hand that your child can draw and cut out, then write a note on it to say that your nurse’s kindness was “Hands Down” the best cure of all.

First Aid for Their First-Rate Aid

If your hospital visit began in the emergency room, you can recognize your nurses’ phenomenal first-aid flair by providing some first aid of your own. First, decorate a gift box in any size to look like a first aid kit, and then fill it with “emergency supplies”. Good bets are chocolate, lip balm, gift cards for coffee or spa treatments, or perhaps a few healthy snacks for those overtime shifts.

Prescribe Some Gratitude

If your nurses had to manage medications for your child, you can return the favor by dispensing your own prescription for “Happy Pills” that your nurse can dip into whenever a shift gets long, or when the day’s been rough. Fill a big jar with gourmet jelly beans or other pill-shaped candies, and label it accordingly with a fun “prescription.”

Basket of Positive Vibes

Candy’s nice, but it’s also not very good for you. Nurses need good nutrition to get through the day, not just a series of sugar highs. Fill a basket full of clementine oranges and use a permanent marker to write a message like, “You make a difference,” “You deserve a hug,” or “Thanks for all your hard work!” on each fruit. Every time a nurse needs a pick-me-up, they can grab an orange and read your inspirational words.

Pen Bouquet

Like socks, pens like to disappear at inconvenient times, and nurses go through a lot of them. Restock the floor by gifting them a homemade pen bouquet. Take a small vase and fill it with small objects that will be able to hold pens in place (i.e. small, individually wrapped candies; beads, glass marbles, whatever strikes your fancy). Then create the bouquet. Use pens, of course, but you can tape the pens to artificial flowers or intersperse candy bars or water flavoring packets in with them. For maximum convenience, use several different kinds of pens for different nurses’ preferences.

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Get Personal

Nurses who can make a child smile, even while dispensing meds and needles, deserve a special, personal thank you. Years of nursing school made the skilled care possible, but real kindness comes from the heart. Let your child express their gratitude the same way, with their own art supplies and a boundless imagination. With or without a gift attached, the appreciation in a heartfelt “thank you” will mean a lot.

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