Best Splash Pads in Ottawa

Published May 29, 2019

Looking to cool down this summer? Check out our pick for the best splash pads in Ottawa.

Summer is getting into full swing and the weather is starting to heat up. If your kids are anything like me, they probably start to get really cranky as the weather gets like this. It’s too hot for them to play outside for a long period of time, but I don’t want to keep them in the air conditioned house all day, because they get bored easily.

I have found that a great way to get kids outside and keep them active, while also keeping them cool and refreshed, is to take them down to a splash pad. I can sit and read a book, while the kids splash around for hours at a time without getting bored.

Ottawa has so many splash pads that you can go to a different one every time and the kids never end up getting tired of going to the same ones. Here’s a list of my favourites. Feel free to comment and let me know which ones you like.

1. Millenium Park Splash Pad 

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If your children like pirates they will absolutely adore this pirate themed splash pad at Millenium Park. Complete with pirate flags, tipping buckets, a shaded area for parents, and even a spraying dragon, what is not to love about this splash pad. 

The splash pad is relatively new and due to its multi-million dollar expansion there is more parking, sports fields and of course a new splash pad for your family to enjoy. 

Location: 500 Millennium Blvd
Hours: 9am - 9pm

2. Brewer Park Splash Pad 

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This beautiful municipal park is located on the northern edge of the Rideau River just across from Carleton University. The park has tons of sport and playground facilities including multiple soccer fields, baseball diamonds, biking paths, play structures and of course a mini water park / splash pad! 

If your family hasn't been to the splash pad at Brewer Park we highly recommend you plan a visit. There are two amazing levels at Brewer that are connected by a sweet blue water slide. Yes, you read that right, a waterslide! On top of that the park has giant water buckets that will dump water on you, water jets, fountains, and various other fun water gismos. 

To confirm, there are city bathroom facilities nearby. 

Location: 100 Brewer Way.
Hours: 9am - 9pm

3. Citiplace Splash Pad 

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This splash pad is a relatively new addition to the water park scene in Ottawa and is becoming a fast family favourite. Although there are no washroom facilities at the splash pad there is a great play structure at the park and tons of awesome fountains, spraying loops, and things to keep your kids cool and occupied this summer. 

Our favourite part of the Citiplace splash pad is the wonderful water windmill and shaded sitting area for parents. 

Location: 285 Citiplace Drive. 
Hours: 9am - 9pm

4. Plant Splash Pad 

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What kid wouldn't like a giant spraying fire hydrant, rainbows that squirt water at you, popup fountains, and overhead sprayers? 

We love the Plant Splash Pad! It has a ton of fun activities for your kids to do, including a nearby play structure, bathrooms in walking distance, and a pizza place right across the street. Parking is a bit of an issue, so be prepared to use everything from one hour street parking to meters. 

Location: 930 Somerset West 
Hours: 9am - 9pm

5. Centrepointe Splash Pad 

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The Centrepointe Splash Pad is another great destination to take your kids to on a hot afternoon in Ottawa. The Splash Pad is complete with a spraying loop, tipping bucket, whale tail, and a bird that showers you. 

In addition to the actual splash pad there are some shady spots around the pad where your family can stay cool without actually getting wet. There is also a great play structure located at the park, a small building with washrooms and a free parking lot. 

Location: 260 Centrepointe Drive 
Hours: 9am - 9pm

6. Walter Baker Splash Pad 

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Last but not least is the Walter Baker Splash Pad. This splash pad is often overlooked because it is not big in size, however I think it is the perfect spot for families with younger children like preschoolers and toddlers. 

The splash pad hosts a water cannon, fountains, a tall dome, and is surrounded by mature trees which makes this a perfect shady spot for those who are sensitive to the sun. Personally, the intimacy of Walker Baker Splash Pad makes this location a great destination for families who are looking for a quieter place to cool down.   

Location: 100 Charlie Rogers Place 
Hours: 9am - 9pm

To find more great activities to entertain the kids this summer, make sure to check the events page on ChatterBlock.

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