7 Fun Ways to Show Mom Your Love on Mother's Day

Published May 5, 2017

While we all should tell mom just how much she means to us every day, Mother’s Day is the official time to declare our love.

Some people go to great lengths to celebrate Mother's Day and end up spending lots of money, in fact, according to a survey, Mother’s Day shoppers spent approximately $21.4 billion in 2016. Not all of us have the means to spend that kind of money, and when it comes to kids and teens, a DIY and sentimental gift is more reasonable. Luckily, it’s the gifts that come from the heart that mothers love the most, so if you’re looking for some ideas, here are seven ways to show your mom you love her this Mother’s Day.

1. Put on a Show

No one appreciates their children’s hidden talents quite like mom. Grab your siblings, and dad if he’s willing, and put together a special performance. You can sing one of mom’s favourite songs, make up a dance routine, act out a play about the family or come up with your own idea. If you end up acting something out, mom may even want to get in on the fun!

2. Plan a Family Picnic

You could take mom to brunch, but you can expect long lines and crowded restaurants. Instead, ask mom to help you put together some food and snacks and head out to the beach or park for a Mother’s Day picnic. Mom will love spending quality time with the family and enjoying an afternoon in the sunshine.

3. Play Family-Favourite Games

Enjoy some friendly competition on Mother’s Day. Play some of mom’s favourite games and spend the day laughing and having fun as a family. You can play games at home, head out in the backyard or take the games with you to a local park.

4. Make Her Favourite Food(s)

You’re probably used to mom preparing food for you but when is the last time you treated her to a meal? With dad’s or an older sibling’s help you can put together a simple meal made with love, especially for mom.

Note: Give her a break on the chores too and make sure to clean-up after yourselves.

5. Put Together a Photo Album

Collect or print out some photos of mom’s favorite memories and put them together in a nice album. You can buy a photo album or make your own! Go through the photos together and share stories and memories as a family!

6. Write a Poem or a Story

Write a poem or a short story. You can write about the things you love about your mom, an experience you’ve shared or just be creative and write from your heart! No matter what you choose to write about, your mom will love it because it’s a sentimental gift from you!

7.Arts & Crafts

Mom’s love getting original creations from their kids. Draw or paint a picture, mold something with clay, make a Mother’s Day card or try one of these Mother’s Day craft ideas. You really can’t go wrong if you put your creativity and heart into your art project.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong if your gift comes from the heart. If you need some more inspiration, check out these out-of- the-box Mother’s Day gift ideas from the Chatterblock team.

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