10 Fun Activities to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Published Jul 6, 2017

We all do our best to raise our kids happy, healthy, smart and creative. We have collected 10 activities to encourage creativity and to have an amazing time together!

You can’t expect the teachers to be the only ones responsible for your child’s education. When it comes to your kid’s creative skills and hunger for learning, you have a huge responsibility. Think of it this way: the parent is the child’s first teacher. You have to encourage your child to be curious and creative. With your help, your boy or girl will discover their inner creative potential.

It’s never too early to start. There are fun activities that will trigger the child’s creativity in ways you never thought possible. Let’s explore 10 of them.

1. Invent a Superhero

Is there a child who doesn’t love superheroes? They are all attracted by the idea of exceeding this physical and mental capacity we have. You can use their love for superheroes as a foundation for a creativity-boosting activity: invent a family superhero.

Think of this character’s strengths. For example, it can be a person who cooks awesome meals, does the dishes with the speed of light, always gets the toys in their place after finishing playing, and can fly. Let your kid be creative when inventing this character and his/her adventures.

2. Create Figures with Blobs of Paint

You know that many psychotherapists use the Rorschach test to help people dig deeper into their subconscious levels? We’re not recommending you to practice psychotherapy with your child. You’ll make the blobs of paint much more innocent through a game.

All you need is a piece of paper and some paint. Tell your child to put blobs on one-half of the paper. Then, fold the paper in half and you’ll get a unique stamp. Play a game: what does it look like? You’ll witness your child’s creativity being unleashed.

3. Play Architects

When used properly, Legos can be the building blocks of creativity. All kids love building houses and bridges with Legos. If you encourage that activity, you might discover a natural talent for architectural design in them. Even if that’s not the case, your kid will spontaneously learn few laws of physics while playing an architect.

Inspire them to design different things, such as swing sets, playgrounds, and a cabin in the woods. In addition to the classic Legos, they can also use cardboard, straws, plastic lids, paper towel rolls, and other elements to create a unique design.

4. Sing!

Your kids have been listening to nappies for years. How about creating their own? While your children are in the bath, they can sing a song about bathing. However, you should inspire them to think of their own lyrics and melodies. They can involve animals, people, toys, characters, and anything else they think of.

Your child won’t sing in tune, and the lyrics will be silly. Just play along! You’re helping them to discover their creative musical potential.

5. Dance!

Dance is a creative presentation of our emotions. We respond differently to each piece of music, and we express that reaction through dance. Encourage your kid to dance as much as possible. In fact, you should dance along! Put on their favourite music and start dancing together until you get too tired to move. You’ll gain multiple benefits through this play:

  • They improve their rhythmical sense,

  • Dance is a lovely exercise,

  • They discover their unique dancing style,

  • Your kids get tired enough to go to sleep without complaining.

6. Start a Family Blog

This activity will take more of your time, but it’s useful for the whole family. You can start blogging on different topics, share the experiences you have with your kids, and their progress regarding creativity skills. You can create blog posts together, so you’ll share experiences from holidays, trips, and events.

This activity will teach your children they can leave their footprints on the net. They will be inspired to blog as they keep discovering their interests and hidden talents. With time, they will start working on their own blogs.

    7. Create a Play

    Recreate things from daily life or your child’s stories through a dramatic play. The entire family can dress up as characters from a favourite cartoon, and you can start recreating the dialogues. You’ll notice your kids want to add different elements into the story. Let them be creative!

    8. Make Toys

    Home-made toys can be your children’s favourite memories. You can create houses out of cardboard, fabric dolls, beds for the dolls, cars, cardboard guns, binoculars, and anything else you can think of. Maybe the first toys your kids create will look like nothing to you, but their own imagination will give them character. Let them play!

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    9. Find Out What Makes Him/Her Laugh

    What cartoons, TV commercials, songs, pictures, and YouTube videos make your child laugh? Pay attention to those little things and encourage your child’s sense of humour. Let them think of their own jokes and laugh!

    Let them take this creativity further: they can draw funny things. If they can’t write yet, you can be the one creating speech bubbles with the jokes they tell you.

    10. Play the “We’ll Play What You Want” Game

    You can think of many games and activities that will trigger your children’s creativity. However, they will also work on their creative potential by thinking of their own games. When you notice they are bored, tell them you’ll all play the game they pick. You’ll be surprised by the ideas they get.

    Creativity is not an inborn talent. It’s more of a skill your kids will develop throughout life. The way you help them work on their creative skills throughout childhood will lay a good foundation. Plus, you’ll also have some fun and spend quality time with your children.

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