Five Tips to Mold Your Child as a Leader

Published Jan 31, 2018 | Updated Oct 28, 2019

Children are fast learners. If they can be guided appropriately at the young age, they will develop leadership qualities. This article discusses the tips and tricks parents can use to shape their children into leaders.

We all want our children to be leaders. As a caretaker, parents can make a lot of difference to their children’s success.

Your role as a parent is to encourage your child and instill leadership qualities in them. You must pave the way for them to think out of the box while working with the resources at hand. 

Children who have leadership skills are less likely to fall victims to peer pressure. Also, they are self-motivated and become proactive in whatever they do. 

Here are five ways you can make your child a future leader:

Get rid of your obsession with marks

In the rat race we often tend to fixate more importance on academic performance. Instead, recognize your child’s abilities and laud them to try their best in all they do. Pay attention to their overall development instead of focusing on their scores in the exam. Ensure that they are good in reading, writing, and communicating their thoughts properly. Mugging up theories to score well will not help them in anyways in the real world. 

Start conversations and ask more open minded questions to help them think out of the box. Encourage them to take part in extracurricular activities and games.

Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Developing their emotional intelligence is more important than developing IQ. Children are like sponges - absorbing the way you react around people. Teach them to be kind and compassionate, and to listen with an empathetic ear.

Children whose parents are sensitive to others tend to reflect the same characteristics. Emotionally balanced children are more likely to be better leaders.

Don’t criticize or Praise too much

Acknowledge your child’s contribution and initiative, but do not exaggerate the situation. Be honest and give feedback – positive and negative – when required.

Appreciate their passion and their effort wherever possible. Discipline them to value others feedback and inputs.

Teach them to take responsibility of their actions and failures. Instil a habit to accept praises and criticism without getting offended.

Let them take risks and experience failure

Failure is a stepping stone to success. Allow them to take risks and fail rather than be safe and succeed. Don’t be overprotective. Instead, assure them of your support and encourage their experience.

Allow them to solve their own problems and to take decisions. Encourage your kids to develop a positive attitude, rather than lament over their failure. Teach them to overcome fear and embrace new experiences. Impart patience by not giving in to their need of instant gratification.

Set the right Example

As a parent, it is important that you lead by example. Be honest and transparent with your children. Make sure your actions are in tune with what you preach. Children are mirrors – they reflect all that they see and hear.

Allow them to partake in your success and failure. You are their role models and their heroes. Display integrity even in failure. They will learn to process their mistakes and gain lessons from them.

It is our responsibility to nurture the leader in your child through everyday actions.We can mold our children to form great leaders through our words and actions. It is important to lead them in the right direction at a very young age. Not giving in to every demand they make will ensure they grow up to be prudent in their decisions.  

By Stefania Dubrovic
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