Top 7 Writing Tools for Child Development

Published Apr 18, 2017 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Modern society dictates how to grow children to stay in trend. Which means parents are active users of social networks and sometimes even create profiles for children.Some parents try to keep smartphones and laptops in the dark from a child as long as possible, another believes that sooner is better

Kids are always creative and they are able to imagine things that are beyond their expectations. 

For students, learning can be easy since they can buy a research paper from writing service. On the other hand, children are delicate beings and they need a lot of attention when learning. Most of them are attracted to technology and they constantly keep grabbing your iPod or android gadget to play games. Some parents try to keep electronic gadgets out of sight, while other believes that when children use them they grow fast. But, if used wisely, these gadgets can be a great asset in the child’s growing process.

Holding the attention of the child can be very difficult, but you can engage them in writing paper using these gadgets. While they are busy using the smartphone or laptop, you can sneak in a little learning by availing some educational apps. Here are a few apps that kids can try out and learn a lot.


  • 50 Languages

Getting to learn a new language can be hard especially for kids, but 50 languages app allows them to learn 50 languages for free. It contains over 100 lessons that offer basic vocabulary learning for beginners. With this writing help tool, you will learn how to speak fluently within a short period. It even combines both audio and text for effective learning of these languages.

  • Kids Learn to Read

Another android app that allows children to practice blending sounds together for easier reading and spelling is Kids Learn to Read. Children will find simple words such as “sun”, “dog”, “big” and more. To get started, simply move Tommy the Turtle across all the letter bridge while sounding out each letter and you will form a word and pronounce it.

  • Practice English Grammar

A product by CrowdUni, this tool helps kids learn English grammar by simply practicing interactive grammar tips. It contains several grammar lessons with detailed grammar topics. With a list of 500 questions divided into 16 topics, this app is ideal for children to practice the basic English grammar usage at beginner level.

  • Rocket Math

Created by Dan Russell-Pinson, Rocke Math is a fun app that allows the kid to build their own rockets from scratch and fly them to the stars. Children get to experience the feeling of floating weightlessly in space and the fun continues. They can also opt to complete missions where each one contains touchable objects that are floating in space including coins, starts, 3D shapes, and more. After completing a mission, you can earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal and also try to break the high score. Kids will definitely enjoy playing this game and learn maths in the end.

Iphone- Ipad

  • ABC Ninjas

A unique app by the Innovative Mobiles App, ABC Ninja is an all-time kid’s favorite essay writing tool. With this app, kids can slice upper case and lower case letters by name of phonetic sound. It is a cool game especially when the kid starts to learn the alphabets.

  • Kid in Story Book Maker

For those looking for a “write my research paper” tool, here is one. This app has unique features that allow the kids to create social stories. This is ideal for those children who need extra attention in improving social and communication skills. You get to create a new story or add a certain kid into a story that is already in the template. This app is ideal for children with autism since they can experience encountering situations such as a visit to the park in a storybook format before visiting it in real life. The kid in Story Book Maker could also be helpful to parents who want to introduce their kids to a new routine or experience.

  • Writing Prompts for Kids

For kids who are having trouble coming up with an idea of a story and looking for a research paper writing service to help, look no further. Writing Prompts for Kids is the right app to check out. It displays four buttons on the screen where the kid can press every time they want to start a new story. With a simple tap on the screen, a kid can put together a story featuring a certain character, situation, setting, and object for creative writing.

  • Alphabet Organizer

Alphabet Organizer is a kid’s favourite tool that helps kids organize words and ideas alphabetically. The first step is to create an account, then create a page that contains a list of different words. This list appears like a drawer where it opens and closes depending on the calendar format of letters. Kids can also create a page accompanied by an image, descriptions, and save it as PDFs where they can email or print later.

Having looked at these tools, there is no need to look for writing services. Kids have a lot of fun apps for education that will contribute to their development. Parents need to ensure that these apps are used properly. This list shows some interesting apps that are helpful in the growth of the child.

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