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7 Online Sites To Engage Your Kids over Summer

Did you know students can lose up to 3 months of learning over summer break? Below are seven online camps or activities that can keep your tweens and teens actively engaged in their learning all summer long.

Let’s face it. No parent wants to hear “I’m bored” all summer long. While there are varieties of camps & classes for kids to attend in summers, but sometimes it’s just nice to take a break and find things you can do from home or even from a hotel room while on vacation.

That’s where online summer camp ideas come into play.

The following online camps offer quite a bit of interaction and hands-on activity. While many of these camps are free, some cost money for materials.


Why are pandas so rare? How does the binary system work? Is 7really a lucky number? These are just a few of the questions kids can explore at Wonderopolis, a place where kids can get (most) of their questions answered.If their question isn’t there, they can type it in and see what others have to say.

This site is free, but for $25 parents can purchase an instructional guide.

Get The Math

Maybe your fashion diva thinks math is only for nerds. Or perhaps your rapper doesn’t realize how much math is behind recording an album. Maybe your movie enthusiast loves special effects. No matter what their interest is, middle schoolers and high schoolers are likely to find the math behind it by visiting Get the Math. Videos start with how math is applied to the real world in the topic of interest. 

Maker Camp

I don’t know about you, but I have a kid or two at my house who is always trying to make things. While unstructured imaginations can birth the next Thomas Edison, if you would like to put a little more structure into your child’s makings, you might want to consider makercamp. Campers can explore mechanical physics, woodworking, construction, basic electronics and sensors, circuits, LEDs, and more!

Hoffman Academy

The link above can start your kids on a journey to learning the piano or keyboard from the comfort of home. Mr. Hoffman’s Academy is a favorite at our house! While it might not be as interactive as paying someone $60-$200 a month, if your child is a self-learner he can pick up these piano skills and keep himself occupied over most of the summer.

Connected Camps

If Minecraft is a passion for your child then look no further than Connected Camps. Offering instructor-led Minecraft sessions, this site fosters learning in architecture, coding, game design, and much more! Want to help your daughters feel inspired? They even have girl’s only camps. This site offers free lessons and lessons from $50 to $80.


The best learning occurs when what has been learned is forwarded on to someone new. That’s the main idea of Do you remember how exciting it was to earn a badge in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts? This site also lets kids learn things at different levels so they can earn badges. The cost depends on the activity that’s chosen, and whether or not they want a badge.

Maybe It’s Not Them,Maybe It’s Us

Maybe, instead of providing a writing prompt, we need to provide a story starter.

You might consider signing your child up for a 5-day online writing camp where they get one-on-one editing suggestions from a certified Language Arts teacher. Not only that, but they get to write and publish a book with kids their own age!

The first day will begin with a story starter. Every day will begin with a brief lesson to focus the writing (for example, genre, building a story, character development, rising action, word choice, story climax, dialogue, falling action, and resolution).

Students add on to the story and submit their writing to the camp facilitator. She sends back revisions. When the writing submission is ready it is put into an anonymous voting queue so peers can vote on the winning entry.

They're so fun to do that your children might not even realize they're learning! What’s even better is that many of them help your child continue learning weeks after school has been let out.

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