Helpful Tips to Get Your Picky Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Published Apr 11, 2017

As a parent, you have constant concerns regarding the well-being of your children. As far as health is concerned, the eating habits are very important elements to consider.

You wish to offer your kids the best options at their disposal and help them make the best choices. There are important choices that need to be made from this perspective. Moreover, with the wide range of temptations at their disposal, it might be more challenging for your children to motivate themselves to adopt a healthy, well-balanced eating schedule.

However, as a parent you know which is best for them and you can help them find their inner power and motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle from all possible perspectives. An important step at this stage is to convince your child to eat more fruits and vegetables. Even though they might wish to taste a little bit of everything, having a well-balanced diet will keep them healthy and feeling good and properly energized all day long. Let’s discover today the best and most helpful tips that can help you convince your kid to eat more fruits and veggies every day.

Make a Fun Schedule for Healthy Eating

Children always acquire knowledge easier when fun is involved in the entire process. The same rule applies when it comes to their daily eating diets. Just telling them that they have to eat more fruits and vegetables will not bring effective results. They need to understand why these are good for them. Also, have fun getting their meals ready and teach them to have fun eating well. All this starts with a well-established eating schedule that they will love to follow every day.

Specialists recommend parents to teach their children to have meals every three or four hours during the day. Eating less yet more qualitative foods in terms of nutritious values is the golden rule to follow. Therefore, if you teach your child to eat following such a schedule you have more chances to establish a healthy lifestyle for them. Include fruits and vegetables in every meal and eat with them. This will give them the sense of familiarity and will make them more willing to eat healthily.

Teach by Example Every time

Children do not like to do things that they do not understand. They need to see why something is better in terms of options as well as the true value of every decision for their life. Therefore, the best way in which your kid can adopt healthy habits is by following your example. It is very important what they see at home from all perspectives. You cannot guide them to eat healthy if you do not do the same. However, when they become accustomed to family dinners at which they see veggies and fruits, this will become normality for them.

Explaining the values of proper eating will also help a lot. Show them videos in which these facts are clearly explained for their age and level of understanding. This will also give them the sense of true facts rather than simple requirements from their parents. Moreover, do not keep them away from something they wish to taste from time to time. Allow them to try anything but keep their general healthy eating habits under control every day.


Do not Create Separate Habits for Every Member of the Family

Another important tip to consider is that of preparing common meals for the entire family. Do not expect your child to eat vegetables and fruits all day long while you and your husband eat something entirely different. The same concern you have for their health should apply in your case as well. Therefore, do not turn yourself into a short-order cook that gets several meals ready for every person in the house everyday.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to eat at least one meal together. Establishing a certain hour and a healthy menu for the family dinner will help everyone adopt healthier eating habits. This will be your daily time spent together. Moreover, make every change gradually to allow your child to assimilate everything in a healthy manner. You can introduce new vegetables and fruits into your meals slowly but surely.

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