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5 Things Parents and Kids Can Do Together Every Week

Published Jan 31, 2018 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

After your work week is finished, it is important to donate at least one day or a good portion of one to family entertainment for the kids.

After your work week is finished, it is important to donate at least one day or a good portion of one to family entertainment for the kids. It will help strengthen the bond between you and your children. You can pick a set activity you all enjoy or rotate things to keep it interesting. One things parents have difficulties with is coming up with ideas. Fortunately, there are five ideas below for you to pick from, and if you can, try and find several for your family to keep things interesting.

Have a Family Picnic at the Park with a Twist

You can make the average family picnic more interesting if you bring along a paint set. If you did, then great. First, secure your picnic blanket with large, grey rocks preferably brought from home. Next, make sure your kids eat a healthy lunch and are nice and full. Let them run off their meal and play for a while. Then, bring out the paint set, and you guys can do some artwork on the rocks while you talk to your kids about their week and yours.

Check out a Sporting Event

If you live a couple hours away, you can make this more fun by playing road games in the car or just talking with the kids. Whether your children like watching sports or not is does not matter because seeing an event live is much better than watching a boring event at home on television. There is cheering and infectious excitement.

A Family Movie Marathon

Picking family oriented television series or movies to spend a weekend afternoon binge watching with your children is a great way to bond with them. Netflix has a family option for programming specialized for family viewing and younger audiences perfect for binge watching. The downside is there might be a series or movie you and your children are fond of, but it might not be available, or Netflix often rotates things in and out. Also, you might find a series or movies worth keeping and adding to your film library, so you might want to consider purchasing them purchasing them to keep. There are many great venues to purchase movies and series, and you will want to find a place similar to Pristine Sales that offers family oriented movies with sales and incentives.

Have a Culture or Learning Day

Places like zoos and museums are a lot of family fun. Zoos might be the more attractive option, but there are usually exhibits at museums tailored for children. Science center’s always have things geared toward children. You and your kids can learn and be entertained.

There Is Nothing Wrong With a Game Night

This may seem old fashion, but if you liked it as a kid, your kids will probably like it. Spend an afternoon or evening playing Uno, Monopoly or Jenga. Really, you can play whatever you want. If everyone likes the game and has a chance of winning, it is a great way to bond, and your kids learn strategy and patience at the same time.

Spending time as a family is important. Bonding over a family night dedicated to family entertainment is just as important as trying to eat a family together once a day. Later in life, you and your children will look back on those memories fondly.

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