Oh No I Got the Dreaded Letter

Published Feb 22, 2017

Getting the letter from school that your child has head lice. How to handle the situation so that your child is lice free safely and quickly.

It has finally happened, you opened your child’s backpack and there is the dreaded letter.  They found lice on your child at school.  They also attached a letter with official information.  The first thing you will do is follow the recommendations set out on that information sheet.  Here are reasons why you should NOT follow those instructions.

The letter tells you to go buy certain products from the drugstore.  Some of these products claim to kill lice and eggs.  If this is a true statement you would not have you do a second treatment 7-10 days later. You need to know that there is nothing on the market that kills eggs.  This is one reason not use these products and the other is that many of them have insecticides and pesticides. 

Another reason not to use these products is that they provide you with a cheap plastic comb.  These combs do not take out any of the eggs.  And you do have to remove all the eggs as the products do not kill eggs.  So every night you will be going through your child’s hair with a comb that just doesn’t work.   

Now the frustration is beginning to build as you will notice that between treatments you will see more lice as they are hatching.  These products have a 7-10 for the follow up treatment and that allows the lice to continue to hatch.  The eggs take 7 days to hatch so the life cycle of the louse is not broken.

Another recommendation is that if one of these products doesn’t work after your 2nd treatment go out and buy another product.  You are going to be doing this for over 3 weeks with that kind of recommendation. Lice can be a nuisance but there is no reason to be dealing with an infestation for over 3 weeks.

Parents need to be given the correct information on lice and treatment options that are available.  At Lice Services Canada we have a product line and a fantastic comb that will ensure that you are successful.  You need to know that there are other ways to deal with lice other than the drug store products.  We have the knowledge and years experience in dealing with lice.  Treating thousands of heads over the last ten years has made us the leading experts in this field.  Not sure it is lice?  Take a picture and we will do a FREE diagnosis.  Need some advice?  We are happy to share this information with anyone call us at 613-482-1432.  Don’t have time to deal with lice?  We can also do the work for you.


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