4 Ways To Keep Rowdy Boys From Destroying Your Home

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Published Feb 16, 2017

Strategies to help your children grow and learn without destroying your home.

Families with young children often believe that they cannot have the home of their dreams until their children are older. This is especially true in families with more than one young boy. Some parents simply throw up their hands and say that boys will be boys. But one wonders if this really has to be the case or if there are some ways that parents can protect their homes from the ravages of rowdy boys.

Contain Them To One Space

Infants, toddlers and preschoolers should not be left to roam about the home by themselves. In addition, parents can do their boys a favor by creating one or two spaces in the home that are specifically for the boys to be rowdy in, such as a basement area where they can run and play ball or even a family room with comfortable, older furniture that will not be destroyed if there is a spill.

Set Limits From A Young Age

All children need to understand where the lines are drawn and should have limits even from the age of toddlerhood. Pediatricians recommend saying a simple “no” to infants and toddler boys who are touching something that they should not touch. Then, parents should redirect the child to something that he could be playing with, such as his toys or books. Boys should know exactly what they are allowed to touch and where they are allowed to play roughly.

Protect The Windows

Windows are particularly in danger from rowdy boys who are apt to throw balls through them. Limits should always be placed in the yard as to where children are allowed to bike, play ball or run. However, because accidents do happen, parents should know of a high-quality window replacement option, such as Nu-Look Glass & Aluminium Windows, which provides windows, doors and bi-fold doors in the Perth region.

Choose Durable Furniture

Instead of choosing flimsy pressboard furniture, which can be unbelievably cheap, parents of boys should choose durable options that will stand up to cleaning, water spills, nicks and dents. Some of the best options are microfiber and leather upholstery and solid wood tables.

Use Patterned Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a secret weapon against spills and stains. They can be easily removed and laundered on a regular basis, protecting the furniture beneath. Patterned slipcovers are especially good at hiding stains and can be used over couches, chairs, beanbag chairs and duvets.

Despite a parent’s best efforts, accidents do happen, and boys do get riled up from time to time. Parents will need to have grace-filled attitudes that can deal with these little disasters without anger even if a precious possession is destroyed. However, parents can also work on coming up with ways to teach their boys the true value personal responsibility around the home.

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