Fun Learning Activities for Gifted Children

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Published Feb 1, 2017

Spring is on the way. Read about planning fun learning activities for gifted children

After spending most of the time indoors during the winter, spring is a time to be out and about. Gifted children often thrive in a setting where there is a chance to see, learn, and do new things. No matter where you live, there are activities that will be a lot of fun and also serve as a learning opportunity. Here are some suggestions to think about carefully. 

Learning to Grow Food

An excellent springtime activity involves learning how to cultivate plants that produce food. Many parents shy away from this type of thing because they believe there must be lots of room for a garden. There’s more than one way to involve your gifted child in this type of gardening no matter what the living arrangement happens to be. 

If there is a small patio or balcony available, pots and planters are ideal for cultivating things like tomato vines or bell pepper plants. Remember that the use of cages along with the pots makes it possible to use vertical as well as horizontal space. Your child will love watching the plants begin to produce, and also take a certain amount of pride the first time a meal is prepared using what they’ve nurtured over the last several weeks. 

How About Flowers?

Is your child fascinated with blooming plants? If so, the same general approach can be used to cultivate flowers. If there’s room in the yard, create a bed that is specifically for the child. Learn together about what sort of plants would be best, given the type of soil and the amount of sunlight the bed will receive. Watching the seeds begin to sprout into greenery is a lot of fun, and the day that the first bloom appears will be something your child will never forget. 

Hiking in the Park

Getting to the mountains may not be possible, but there’s no rule that says one can’t hike in the park. To make the trek fun, pack a couple of backpacks that contain the type of food people normally take on hikes. Spend time exploring everything the park has to offer, then have a break for a meal. The combination of fresh air, sunshine, and spending time with others is a great way to throw off the chill of winter. 

A Day by the Water

You may not live near a beach, but that doesn’t mean spending a day by the water is out of the question. Find a nearby lake or river and identify places that are open to the public. Bring along a picnic basket with plenty of goodies, plus a couple of bags for rock collecting. Along with some supervised playing in the water, there’s the chance to walk around and check out the pebbles, sand, and plants growing nearby. 

Learning About the Constellations

Springtime activities are not limited to the mornings and afternoons. Consider the idea of spreading a blanket in the back yard and devote an hour or two after supper to looking at the stars. Use resources to point out some of the constellations or spend the time identifying shapes that are made of a combination of moonlight, clouds, and the reflections of the stars. This activity helps to stimulate the imagination as well as provide a chance to learn a little more about the universe. 

Choose activities that will appeal to your child and plan them carefully. If possible, have some other kids over and make the activity a party. Doing so is a great way to make the most of spring and learn a little something at the same time.


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