Best Tips to Help You Clean Up After a Messy Kid

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Published Jan 24, 2017

Some parents are really good at keeping after all of their child's messes. However, sometimes the messes seem like they never stop happening and some parents are on the verge of giving up. If you've ever felt like that and need just a little bit of advice to help you out, then this is for you!

Kids are a joy and a blessing. They’re also walking mess-makers who have a lot to learn about keeping up with a house. It can be hard to deal with life’s bigger messes, but there is hope on the horizon. Here are some tips to help you deal with those messes and keep them out in the future.

Muddy Boots and Dripping Water

Rainy weather comes with unique challenges when it comes to your home interior. Just when you have the floor mopped and clean, the kids walk in and track mud everywhere. If the damage is done, then take a deep breath. If you’re on a hard flooring surface, it may be easier to let it dry. Then you can sweep up the loose dirt and mop away the rest.

On carpeting, letting it dry probably won’t be the right choice. Grab the kids and make the cleanup a game. Hand everyone a clean, dry towel. Have them lay the towels down on the muddy spots and then do a little dance on them. Once the moisture is absorbed, you can vacuum as normal and see about treating the stains. You may need to call in a professional, such as Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning, to help you with set-in stains or other problems. Regular carpet cleaning will also help you avoid the development of stains and allow your carpeting to last longer. You can also prevent this issue in the future by putting large doormats at all entrances and establishing a no-shoe policy inside the house.

The Terrifying Bedroom

The room doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does still need to be reasonably clean so that you can be sure there’s no food and you can reach the bed in an emergency. Start by having a chat with your kids about the importance of a clean room, and then tell them it’s their responsibility to clean it. Next, establish a clear goal for having the work done and a definable consequence for not getting the work done.

Orderly Toys

The problem with most toy boxes is that they turn into frightening bottomless pits where things are never seen again. Invest in solid wood dressers that can handle all types of toys, including the smaller items and electronics favored by older kids. They’re easy to organize, and they look great.

Stains in Clothing

Kids learn through playing, and that can lead to plenty of stained clothes. Keep some good pre-treaters on hand, and check clothing for marks before every load. When they come out of the washer, check again to be sure that the mark has vanished before the dryer can make it permanent. If necessary, retreat the stain and wash the item again. For really difficult marks, use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish detergent. Simply whisk them together, scrub into the item, and then wash immediately.

Keep your house clean by being proactive with the kids. Teach them little ways to keep up with the chores and avoid making major messes. When the messes happen, just take a deep breath and tackle it one small piece at a time. Have the kids help you along the way so they'll know what to do next time.

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Hannah Whittenly

Written by Hannah Whittenly

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