Making Sure Your Kids are Safe in the Car

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Published Jan 19, 2017

Driving is an action that provides people with a great deal of security, but it also brings on feelings of anxiety and trepidation. When you add your children into the mix, these fears can grow even worse.

Driving is an action that provides people with a great deal of security, but it also brings on feelings of anxiety and trepidation. When you add your children into the mix, these fears can grow even worse. You may worry about getting into an accident with your kids in the car, or you may wonder how safely they will operate the vehicle upon obtaining a license of their own. While you cannot necessarily protect against every single possible incident, you can take steps to create a more favorable situation.

Follow Car Seat Regulations

You might remember your own childhood when you were practically floating around in the back of your mom's station wagon. While nothing might have happened to do, that doesn't mean your situation was the epitome of safety. Car seat regulations have changed from previous decades. Even if your children are about to enter middle school, they may still need to go in a car seat when riding in a vehicle. Car seat requirements must be followed. However, these devices also come with recommendations. Recommended weights are provided. Keeping your children in the car seats until they reach the recommended weights is advisable.

Use Child Locks

Your car likely has child locks on it. Even if a situation does not arise where your children attempt to get out of the car, you can never be too safe with vehicle safety. Once you are in the car, put the locks on. Keep in mind that you need to speak with your kids about safety in the car though too. For example, you cannot always trust that technology will work. The locks might not work. Therefore, you need to tell your children that they are never to open the windows without asking you and that they are never to open the door without your assistance.

Procure Multiple Education Avenues

When your children turn into teenagers and start to discuss obtaining their licenses, you want to make sure that they have as many opportunities to learn the proper rules as possible. Taking your teenagers to the nearest parking lot when they first obtain their permits is a wise decision. However, you should also enroll your children in a driver's education program. Here, they can gain more knowledge about the proper way to drive. On top of that, they are also learning the rules in a more formal and educational setting. They may begin to see the situation as more serious.

Talk about the Process

The more you can involve your children in the process of learning how to driving and procuring a vehicle, the more opportunities you have to talk to your kids about safety in the car. For example, you can work with them to obtain free insurance quotes. When they see what insurance entails, they can gain a greater sense of how wide the scope of driving is. You should also let them know that they are free to talk to you if they have questions about the process.

Discuss Serious Issues

You might be looking forward to teaching your kids how to parallel park, or you may want to show them your favorite place to drive when you want to go for a ride. However, you also need to discuss serious issues. Many people are killed on the road every day because of problems such as drunk driving and texting while driving. You should discuss the legal penalties of these actions with your kids, but you also need to show them the damage that engaging in these behaviors can do. While you do not necessarily want to terrify them with graphic images, providing visuals associated with the dangers can act as important reminders that save them from making fatal decisions.

Ensuring that your children are safe in the car is important. Whether they are babies or teenagers, you can take some steps to help create this environment.

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