Family Friendly New Year Resolutions

Published Jan 17, 2017

Following through with your New Year Resolution can be tough. However, coming up with one as a family can be both fun and beneficial for everyone! Learn how to do this activity as a family below.

Every year many parents sit down and write up a list of New Year Resolutions.

Some vow to go to the gym more, other vow to eat healthier.

However, once the allure of a fresh start to the year wears off the treadmills at the gym become noticeably emptier and the pantry somehow becomes stocked with Oreos and other naughty treats.

There is no denying that actually following through with your resolutions is hard.

However, this year ChatterBlock as a new idea for you that you can start doing at any time during 2017 (not just on January 1st). This year, instead of making your New Year Resolution strictly about yourself, we want you to make one as an entire family. By focusing on bettering not just yourself but everyone near and dear to you this task will be more fun and impactful in the long run.

To get you and your family started, the crew at ChatterBlock thought that we would provide you with an example of how get to this family activity started!

First, pick an evening that everyone is free. This means no soccer practice, no swimming lessons, no book club, and no beer league hockey with the boys. If finding an entire evening open is impossible aim to do this activity on a weekend where everyone will have more time.

Second, kids get bored - quick! To keep everyone at least slightly present we recommended having this discussion over a meal or snack time. The whole family will be around the kitchen table anyways so this is the perfect time to have a meaningful family discussion.

Third, get the conversation rolling by explaining why you are doing this activity. Explain to your kids the importance of accomplishing something as a family and how it will be fun and make everyone better in the process. Reasons for this may vary so think hard about something that is personally relevant to you.

Fourth and finally, begin your brainstorming session. Write now every suggestion that is voiced (no idea is a bad idea)  - maybe even with a smelly marker. Oh joy!

Once your family has a solid list narrow it down together to the top 2-3 suggestions that make sense to your family. Some ideas may include :

  • Being present during family outings (Only use cell phones for emergencies)

  • Help Mom and Dad clean up after meals (Make loading and unloading the dishwasher your child’s new 2017 responsibility)

  • Be grateful not greedy (Share, say thank you, and be nice to one another ...  always)

At the end of the day, even if this family focussed New Year Resolution falls though at least you took the time to bond with your family and discuss how you can make each other better.

Hope you enjoyed the article!

Happy New Years.

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