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The Ever Growing Birthday Party Expenses

Published Jan 18, 2017 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

The modern age has given way to having extravagant events no matter what they may be. Likewise, kids’ birthday parties have glammed up and parents feel the need to have a massive birthday bash in order for their kid to look good in front of their peers.

The modern age has given way to having extravagant events no matter what they may be. These extravagancies are then exposed on social media to brag about one’s wealth and to show one’s financial status. The food is instagrammed, the cake cutting ceremony is snapchatted and group selfies are uploaded on Facebook along with multiple people tagged and all of that goes in to show that you have spent a major amount on having a blast explicitly.

Likewise, kids’ birthday parties have glammed up and parents feel the need to have a massive birthday bash in order for their kid to look good in front of their peers. The more the kid’s friends are invited and the fancier the birthday snacks are, the better the parents feel and get satisfied that they have done a good job.

Moreover, goody bags are then added in the budget which can even contain toys which are as expensive as the gifts. This lavish behavior has made us link happiness with money. This school of thought is then filtered down to our children who demand even more massive birthday parties the year later. While some get inspired by their friends and want to have a similar bash. Here are some of the problems you need to identify, whether you are throwing a party for yourself, or if you are celebrating a friend’s birthday.


You need to understand that bigger expenditures do not guarantee better plans. You may be spending your money on something that your friend or your kid may not even end up liking. Ask the person whose birthday you are celebrating about their preferences, but don’t go all out on fulfilling those requirements all at once. Remember, they will have their birthday next year as well on the same date. You can then incorporate the things that you were missing in the next year. This way you can be saving the money for your kids’ secure future.


There are low cost entertainment options that are provided to you by various entertainers. Clowns work on an hourly basis, and so do DJs and Photographers. Do not invite them for the entirety of the event. Instead invite them for a specific time period. Use the rest of the time to have party games or story telling or have the kids watch a nice animated movie.

Goody bags:

Planning for a children’s birthday party? You will always need party favors. This includes hats, buntings and of course the goody bags. While these can be fun, you must never go overboard with these. Usually they consist of a toy and a few sweets.

Don’t give different toys to different kids. Opt for toys that you may be able to find at inexpensive stores and buy them in bulk to avail a possible lower price. Or better yet, include small stationary items as pencils, rubbers or sharpeners. They are cost effective and are colorful. Some parents even go as much as to cut the goody bags out of the equation and opt for something more interesting or handmade.


If you are instead an invitee instead of the planner, you will face the prospect of choosing a gift. There are great many stores, both online and brick and mortar, offering discounts on their winter clothing in the start of summers, and discounts on summer clothing during the start of fall season. Gifting clothes is one of the safest options and seldom lets you down.

Make sure that you check them out before making a decision. Your friend wouldn’t mind getting something that he or she could wear a little later instead of now. But if your friend is brand conscious then opt for accessories or gift cards. Do not go for electrical appliances as they will always cost you more than your budget. However, make sure that the gift is something which is preferred by your friend, instead of buying impulsively.


Celebrating a birthday party for a kid or a close friend is a jubilant affair. This celebration involves selecting a venue. The venue also comes at a hefty price. If possible, celebrate the party at a friend’s place who has a big house. A party can also be held at a table in a restaurant that is cozy yet inexpensive. Some restaurants even go to as much as to provide you with complimentary decorations if it’s a birthday you are celebrating.

A restaurant can even house a kid’s birthday party without any charges for the place, provided that you do not book the whole place. If you really want to celebrate your child’s birthday in bigger hall, then to save a bit of money, you need to opt to have birthday parties with a child’s friend whose birthday is also just round the corner. This way the burden doesn’t fall on only one parent.

Your expenses don’t determine your happiness. This is why it is important to teach these values to your kid as well. These actions define you and your children and shape a society. It is always great to celebrate your day or your child’s birthday. But going over budget is certainly not the path that should be taken.

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