5 Steps to a Happy Family

Published Jan 31, 2018 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Families can be hard work, however families are the greatest thing we will ever have in this life. Although there are many incredible ways we can achieve happiness in our family, here are some tips on how we can strive to have a happy family.

Managing a family is serious business. The people that shrug it off as simple work just don't understand the effort that goes into maintaining a household and ensuring the needs of every member are being met. Even a family of two is a lot of governing for one person. No matter your family size, there are key elements that go into this colossal, yet priceless, workload. Here are 5 steps to a happy family.

1. Well Planned Meals and Snacks:

This is perhaps the most difficult and time consuming step but it may be the most important. We are all well aware of the dangers that come with tons of sugar, salt, trans fat and processed foods. This increases the importance for nutritional meals.  We are also well aware of how convenient they are and how hard they are to let go of for everyone. If you don't agree with me, drive by a fast food restaurant without your children begging or your taste buds reaching out.

Nutrition is the basis for happy, healthy people. Make every meal a balanced one that focuses on getting all the right nutrition in you and your family. Here are some thing to keep in mind;

  • Eat 7 portions of fruits and vegetables

  • Focus on high fiber foods

  • 3 servings of calcium rich foods or drinks

  • Add alternative sources of protein like nuts, seeds and beans

  • Eat more fish

  • Limit red meat, processed foods, fat, sugar and salt

  • Buy healthy snack food

  • Get plenty of water

Nutrition is so crucial to a happy family. The right nutrition can keep everyone healthy and mentally fit but the wrong choices can slow the family down and even give birth to bad behavior.

2. Regular Activities Together:

When the kids are off at school and the parents are either at work or at home doing work, it seems hard to get together outside of mealtimes. This is a must have in the recipe for a happy family, though. Making memories is one of the best ways to maintain a bond that links families for a lifetime. Take turns letting each member choose the activity and schedule them as frequently as you can. Pick a day that you can call family day and all week you can look forward to it together. You don't have to have a lot of money for this because the options can be simply playing a board game or going to the park. Whatever it is, make sure everyone is involved and that everyone has a role in the activity.

3. A Job for Everyone:

Don't let all the chores fall on you to handle. Everyone in the family should help out with the upkeep of the home. This is not just to lessen your work load, but also to give every member an active role in the home. When the family shares responsibility for household maintenance and clean-up, they can also take pride in a job well done and the appearance of the home. When people get left out of the daily duties, they feel less like a part of the whole picture. Even small children should get involved with the things they are able to help out with, even if it's just assisting you.

4. Family Meetings and Emotional Check-Ins:

Allow everyone to have the chance to express their feelings and fears with the rest of the family. Offer a safe time for each member of the family to have a voice. Come together to share any ideas being tossed around that could affect the family as a whole like job offers, opportunities to move, etc. How often these family meetings are called is entirely up to you. they can be regularly scheduled or they can pop up as you see fit. It is crucial to treat everybody in the family like they are important and that their feelings are worth being shared.

5. Bedtimes that are Consistent and Allow for Adequate Rest:

Consistent bedtimes are especially important for children but they are also a great habit for adults too. Getting into a comfortable pattern helps to keep everything running smoothly. It is a necessity for physical, mental and emotional well-being that everyone get adequate sleep every night. Plan bedtimes at a reasonable time that allows for plenty of shut eye and you will see that mornings are less of a hassle and fighting with your kids at night to go to bed will be milder.

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