10 Driving Hacks Every Mom Should Know About

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Published Jan 5, 2017

Driving with kids can be tough, but being safe on the road doesn't have to be. Follow these tips for easier driving with kids.

Showing anger toward other drivers on the road, screaming at the tantrum-throwing kids in the back seat, attempting to text or call the babysitter on your cell phone, constantly turning around to check on the silent infant—we all know that driving can be both a nuisance and a challenge, especially if you are a mom of young children. Being distracted while driving can easily lead to you driving recklessly, which will most likely result in you being pulled over, issued a citation, and required to take defensive driving school online. Fortunately, there are driving hacks that moms can take advantage of in order to avoid all of these problems. The hacks may even make you enjoy driving more, giving you an extra peace of mind.

Driving Hack #1: Peaceful music

Moms are ranked top of the list as far as groups who are "cursed" the most with interferences while driving. From the kids yelling to the inconsiderate "jerk" cutting you off resulting in a desire to explode, you just can never catch a break. Well guess again! Adding peaceful music to the ride may possibly do the trick on you and kids. Slipping in a CD featuring calm music is a mom-saving choice that will simmer the kids down. Additionally, when you get angry at another driver, your mind may be so at peace that you do not even express negative emotions. But be careful not to fall asleep while driving.

Driving Hack #2: Spill-Proof cups

It is every mom's worst nightmare when she is driving and one of the kids start crying because he or she spilled his drink in the car. Giving your kid spill-proof cups in the car will change all of this. You can say "goodbye" to spills and "hello" to happier and quieter kids.

Driving Hack #3: Phone mount

Have you ever been driving and trying to fumble with your cell phone at the same time because you need to call your husband or the babysitter? This is extremely dangerous and has had numerous of fatal consequences in the past. Get a cell phone mount! Not only will it save you or someone else's life but it will put an end to your frustration of trying to wrestle with your phone while driving.

Driving Hack #4: Install a Car TV Monitor

There is nothing better than the kids being quiet in the back seat because they are being entertained with a fun movie. Although a lot of TV watching is not good for kids' minds, make an exception. Noiseless kids is wonderful "noise" when you are trying to concentrate on the road, and nothing is better than installing a car TV monitor in the back seats.

Driving Hack #5: Find Your Car App

This one is a common issue for everyone. Every car owner has had experiences where they could not remember where they parked their vehicle in a retail parking lot. This can cause even more annoyance if you are a mom searching the whole parking lot with your young kids in tow. The "egg hunt" for your vehicle can finally be over by putting a Find Your Car app on your phone. Such apps include iCarPark, Car Finder AR, Car Locator, and Honk.

Driving Hack #6: Car Scent Diffuser

When you are a mom with kids, you may know of times when all of a sudden the car started to give a foul scent from one of the kids pooping. Everyone in the car begins complaining of the smell. Well no more! A car scent diffuser to flush that bad-smelling odor away will do wonders in those times of poopy diapers.

Driving Hack #7: Plastic Trash Bag

Kids are known to throw trash all over the place, no matter where it is. They just do not care. That is why putting a plastic trash bag in a particular location of the car will eliminate the stress of having to clean out the car later on.

Driving Hack #8: Dispenser filled with tissue

A child complaining of a runny nose while you are driving is very common. And to make it worse, you do not have direct access to any tissue because it is in the backseat of the car in the child's diaper bag. Prevent this with a tissue dispenser that can be held in place anywhere in the car.

Driving Hack #9: Eliminate blind spots

Every driver knows about times when they were driving and they had a blind spot while attempting to get over in the other lane. Blind spots have unfortunately lead to many accidents. Blind spot mirrors will ease all of this.

Driving Hack #10: Suction cup holders for art supplies

Keep your kids quiet and entertained with the ability to do art in the back seat of the car. Suction cup holders on the windows will hold their crayons, markers, and colored pencils in place. They will be too occupied that they will forget to aggravate you.

Driving hacks are "life-saving" techniques that are meant to change the displeasures of driving into tranquility. Do not let the distractions while driving become interferences any longer. Make your life on the road simpler!

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