The 411 for New Moms: How to Stay Safe During & After Your Pregnancy

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Published Dec 28, 2016

Going through the pregnancy process can be pretty tough. It's important to stay healthy for you and your baby's sake. Along with that, keeping your safety in mind is critical.

Getting pregnant is a blessed event, but nothing is perfect in this life. Mothers should be aware of some of the dangers that you might face during and after pregnancy. The following are a few things that you can control, which should keep you safer while you are pregnant.

Keep Your Weight Under Control

It may seem insensitive to talk about weight, but it would be wrong not to mention how important it is to maintain a healthy weight while pregnant. Recent studies reveal that the mortality rate of women giving birth is rising rapidly. Most experts are attributing this rise to obesity issues. The body is stressed, making pregnancy a little more dangerous for women. Try to stay at a healthy weight to reduce this risk.

Keep Up with Dental Care

You might be wondering what your teeth have to do with your pregnancy. Well, recent studies found that gingivitis can lead to premature births or low-weight births. Both of these issues can be avoided by simply going to the dentist to make sure that you do not have this gum disease. Maintaining your oral health can benefit your little one, too.

Medical Malpractice

No one wants to imagine the possibility of something going wrong while giving birth, but the reality is that it could. Medical malpractice is something that all parents should take into consideration, because it can happen to you. There are many forms of this kind of malpractice like negligence, which could identify a situation where a doctor fails to tell you about infant abnormalities that can result in complications. Another form of malpractice is a doctor who fails to control hemorrhaging. The key is to be vigilant, and talk to an attorney to be prepared. If at any point you experience medical malpractice, do not hesitate to call McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. or any other lawyer that you might trust to handle your situation.

Say No to Excessive Coffee Drinking

You might imagine that coffee is harmless, but this is not the case entirely. Coffee drinking could lead to a miscarriage when done excessively. The exact reason is not known, but it seems that caffeine increases the risk of a miscarriage. No one would have thought that coffee could be a danger to an unborn child, but now you know to stay away from it or to, at least, be cautious with it.

This information should help keep you safe during and after your pregnancy. There is definitely more to learn, but these tips should point you in the right direction. Be sure to consult with your doctor regarding questions or clarifications.

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Hannah Whittenly

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