What Extra Curricular Activities Can Teach Your Kids

Published Dec 14, 2016

Children love participating in extra curricular activities. They are fun and help them to develop skills, but what else do they teach them?

Children learn in a variety of ways. While they absorb lots of important information in school, they also learn a lot at home, from their friends and in extracurricular activities. As parents, you may wonder which activities are best for teaching your kids the most important lessons. The follow extracurricular activities are especially effective for teaching positive values and a strong character.

Music Lessons

Teaching kids to play a musical instrument gives them a lifelong skill that helps them develop discipline and creativity. There’s even evidence that learning music contributes to the development of the brain. Music requires a great deal of practice. While kids may complain about this, it’s ultimately beneficial for them to learn the value of hard work and discipline. Make sure you choose an instrument that's appropriate for the child's age. It's also preferable to find one that he or she has an interest in learning.

Martial Arts

Martial arts classes give children healthy exercise while teaching them self-discipline. Martial arts are also good to give kids confidence so they’re less likely to be bullied. It’s important, however, to choose a good martial arts school with skilled and responsible teachers. Watch classes and talk to instructors before signing your kids up. It's best to choose a school that doesn't try to pressure you into signing long-term contracts. You might also find a good school through word of mouth. You might have a friend with kids in a local martial arts class who can give you a recommendation.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a healthy form of exercise that develops the body as well as the spirit. It’s also a fun activity that almost all kids enjoy. When kids learn how to swim, they can have more fun in any environment where there’s water, including beaches, lakes and public swimming pools. A child who knows how to swim is also safer near water, whether on the beach or in a boat—so make sure that they have taken swimming classes! Kids who learn to swim may be also able to participate on swimming teams, which are great for building social skills and fostering teamwork and endurance.


Soccer is one of the world’s leading sports and it’s now getting more popular in the United States as well. Soccer is a fun activity for kids that gives them the opportunity to play on a team and learn to get along with other kids. It’s also great exercise and a thorough cardiovascular workout. Most areas now have soccer leagues for kids of all ages. When kids play soccer, they often develop an interest in following it as well. Watching and discussing this exciting sport is a fun activity for family bonding.

Art Classes

Art classes give kids a chance to express their creativity. Starting children off early with art classes often helps them develop latent talents. Depending on his or her age and interests, you might enroll your child in a drawing, arts & crafts or sculpture class. Some children's art classes also teach art appreciation and include field trips to galleries and museums. Developing an appreciation for art helps kids develop the creative side of their brains. It also makes them aware of colors, designs and symmetry in the world around them.

Extracurricular activities help children learn new skills, make new friends and develop strong values. Participating in these activities helps to make them more well-rounded. Kids who are exposed to new sports and creative pursuits at a young age may find hobbies that become lifelong interests. Consider your child's natural abilities and interests and choose an activity that will help bring out the best in him or her.

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By Hannah Whittenly
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