Mommy Hobbies: 4 Fun Activities That Can Earn You Some Extra Money

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Published Dec 12, 2016

Here are some ways "mompreneurs" can earn additional money working in the gig economy.

Every freelancer will agree there has been an enormous surge in "gig" jobs over the last five to ten years. The reasons for this popularity are rather obvious, given the frequency with which many companies parcel work out in the form of temp contracts instead of full employment opportunities. The gig economy is tailor made for the stay-at-home mom. The flexibility to choose the work, hours and moderate a schedule by setting an income goal each week is perfect for someone whose day-to-day responsibilities may change with little or no notice. Here are some ways "mompreneurs" can earn additional money working in the gig economy.

Resume Advice

Everyone is looking for a job. Even the people who say they aren't looking are. Stagnant pay, less-than-stable management competency and wildly fluctuating business objectives are putting a great deal of pressure on employees. Resume advice can range from helping job seekers update the documents themselves or going over their experience and education and deciding how best to present them to employers. There are voluminous resources online for what to emphasize in a resume, not to mention hundreds of popular books.

Real Estate

Real estate is a great way to make some extra money as a stay at home mom. You can even take training online so that you can get your license in your own time. Just make sure to take the time to look into different programs and licenses. You can even look into Success Path Reviews to get an idea of different programs.


The hunger for academic excellence is almost as profound as the need for better jobs and better pay. As a result, good tutors are in huge demand. If you have a college degree in any academic subject or considerable experience, you may find your services are worth a considerable sum to a large number of families with school-age children.

The more specialized your education and the more likely you are to be fluent in a second language, the higher your rates will climb. Younger students will want to help advance their reading and math knowledge, while older students will be more interested in advanced placement classes and preparing for their college entrance exams. These are areas where a motivated teacher is far more important than an academic expert. Educated moms will find their schedules booked far in advance if they can offer either.

Management Consultant

Most moms have tremendous practical experience that can be found wanting in the board room. Moms know what works and what doesn't when it comes to household products, educational supplies, clothing and toys, among other things, and often have on-the-ground information companies are in constant search of. With just a little study and a little preparation, the average mom can, in fact, become a management consultant for companies looking to advance their business with practical advice. The best part about consulting is most of it can be conducted through remote communications with only occasional on-site work, and very often a consultant will be working with only one or two other people.

The gig economy isn't for everyone. It requires a lot of skills and a lot of patience many people lack, but if you can overcome those challenges, you will find working on a project-by-project basis to be an exciting and versatile way to earn a little extra money and involve yourself in a wide variety of interesting and potentially quite lucrative enterprises.

As always whenever starting a business be sure to consult with a qualified accountant and attorney and consider setting up a formal business entity before you begin work. In the long run this will help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls in the freelance market.

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