5 Tips For Getting Your Children More Involved With Their Grandparents

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Published Dec 7, 2016

Whether you recall manifold fond memories with your own grandparents or you wish that you had more time with them, you know the importance of establishing a strong bond between your parents and your kids. Once this connection begins to develop, it will often nurture itself; however, you can act as the catalyst. 

Seek Grandparent Events
Educational entities and community centers often offer events for grandparents to attend with their grandchildren. Your kids' school may have a day where the grandparents are invited to come in to help with crafts, or the library might have special reading sessions that are dedicated to these two generations. Inviting them to organized events can help them to feel a part of a larger community.

Set Aside a Day
When you have a busy schedule, it might seem arduous to fit in one more activity. However, consider how important your kids' time with their grandparents is in comparison to the other activities that you have scheduled. You'll likely see that the former must play a role. Whether you choose to drop the kids off on Sunday mornings for breakfast or they go on an outing together once a month, you are encouraging the bond.

Find Common Ground
Relationships often form between people because they have common interests. You may wonder what a millennial and a baby boomer could have in common, and the answer is plenty. For example, if your children have expressed an interest in cooking and baking, ask your mom if they can take a look at her recipes and help her out in the kitchen. 

Loosen the Reigns
Part of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren forms because the former let the latter do things that their parents do not permit. Although you do not want to expose your children to dangerous scenarios, ask yourself how letting your parents feed your kids cookies before dinner one night is really hurting them. You'll likely realize that this opportunity provides them with one to form a deeper connection.

Consult with a Professional
You can likely find someone in your community who has a master’s in aging and an ability to coach you in this matter. Working with a professional in the field can help you to see missed opportunities for establishing bonds and activities that you can pursue in the nearby area.

Getting your children involved with their grandparents is an important and healthy step for all of you to take together. History is important, so give your family the opportunity to learn of their ancestors and what life used to be like generations ago. Nothing is more important than a solid familial bond. Do your best to encourage your family to work on theirs.

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