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4 Essentials to Create an Effective and Fun Learning Event

Published Nov 29, 2016 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Considering which learning methods are working better we often forget about such little things like surrounding conditions, hands-on demonstrations, motivation, group works and learners' mood. This article deals with those essentials that definitely should be used for engaging learners into studying.

You’re ready to flip your classroom? That’s a great decision! Maybe you’ve already taken the first steps, but you still don’t have a detailed plan. The concept of a flipped classroom is straightforward: you reverse the setting of a typical lecture and homework activities. The students watch video lectures at home, and you use the classroom time for exercises, projects, and discussions. When you guide your students through hands-on activities, they gain a far better grasp of the information they learned at home.

This method imposes a serious challenge: you have to think of fun activities that would engage your students in the classroom. Some of them are shy. Others are not confident in the knowledge they gained at home. How do you engage all of them? The learning events you create should be personalized for your classroom. You’ll go through some experimenting in class in order to find out what works for your students.

All activities you introduce will have two elements in common: learning and fun. The combination of these two factors will make your students happy to get into the classroom every single day.

How exactly do you create an effective and fun learning event? There are few important things to keep in mind.

Essentials for Fun Learning Events

  1. Technology

Without technology, flipped learning would be impossible. If you have the time and skills to create your own videos that would present the lectures, you should definitely do that. GoAnimate is a great tool that will make those videos fun. Instead of filming yourself explaining the concepts, you can use unique characters to do that for your students.

If you don’t have enough time to create your own videos, you can always rely on resources like Khan Academy and Maths Doctor. Assign specific videos for your students to watch at home, and you can rest assured they will get high-quality instructions. Then, you can leave the fun part for the classroom.

  1. Discussions

The point of a flipped classroom is greater engagement. You can invite your students to discuss the concepts they learned at home. How do you make that fun?

  • Ask them to share opinions. You can set a new opinion question each day. Make it very specific, so your students will immediately know what to say. For example, if they were learning something about the stars, you can ask: “Do you know what stars are made of? Before you knew this, what did you think about the stars?”

  • If you need general questions that are not related to particular lectures, you can find inspiration on The New York Times Student Opinion site.

  1. Blogging

Instead of asking your students to write boring homework assignments during their time in the classroom, you can ask them to conduct an online research and write a blog post on a particular topic. This type of content doesn’t have to follow a form. Your students will be free to express their thoughts in short sentences, and they can use images to break up the text. The whole concept of blogging is much more fun than homework writing.

  • Edublogs is a safe blogging environment for the classroom. You can collect everyone’s post and publish them on a classroom blog, or you can allow each student to have an individual account. The platform allows you to leave private comments on your students’ blog, so you’ll give tips and suggestions as they make progress.

  1. Games

Play is the most essential element of a fun learning event. Depending on the curriculum and the age of your students, you can think of many different games to introduce in the classroom. Involving kids in games also facilitates their learning, says Samantha Lockhart, a senior online tutor from Aussiewriter, because they are engaged in an interactive experience that needs fast decision-making. Here are few suggestions:

  • The Recipe Game – Think of a recipe a character from the book or history lesson would make. This game requires some research, so encourage your students to find out what meals were popular in that era. What did the poor folks eat, and what did the nobles prefer? If they can’t find information online, you can turn this into a guessing game.

  • The Radio Program – Create teams in the classroom, and tell them to create a concept for an informative radio program. They should tell some relevant news related to the lecture they covered at home. Then, they will present the news.

  • The Time Capsule Game – Tell your students to create a story in the setting they just learned about through the history lesson.

  • The Business Card Game – Your students can create their own business cards to present what they want to be when they grow up.

  • Comic Drawing – Ask your students to draw comics by hand. Storytelling assignments can be really fun when through this game.

You are the one who needs to be motivated before you can ask the same thing from your students. The flipped classroom will be fun not only for them, but for you as well. Technology, discussions, blogging, and games – those are the four essential elements that create engaging learning events. It’s a recipe that never fails. You only have to experiment with the technology, discussion and blogging topics, and types of games to adjust the ingredients in a perfect way.  

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