4 Ways Daycare Could Hurt Your Relationship With Your Child

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Published Nov 14, 2016

Many parents resort to using daycare to ensure that they can maintain a career and juggle different responsibilities each day. Although daycare is a common way of ensuring that your child is safe and in good hands, it can eventually cause the relationship to suffer over time. To learn how daycare ca

1. Daycare Can Create a Void

Children who spend a significant amount of time in daycare can begin to have a void due to a separation that occurs with their parents. They may not feel as if they have a mother or father in their life because they are always in the care of someone else.

2. Feelings of Neglect

It is common for children to feel neglected when they're in daycare because they may always be in a group setting. There can often be multiple children present, which can limit the amount of attention each child receives individually. They may begin to have feelings of neglect and can often feel abandoned by their own parents as they develop. Those who notice that their child is suffering from neglect can seek the help of a professional who has a background and has attained a social work online degree.

3. A Lack of Time Together

The more time that you invest in your child, the more attention they'll have in their home life. The time that you spend together will allow you to get to know one another and can strengthen your relationship. Placing your child in daycare can cause them to spend more time with another individual who is their caregiver, which will cause them to feel closer to the person that they're with the most.

4. Less Respect

If you feel distant from your child, there may be less respect that develops because the relationship that you share is suffering. Your child may begin to rebel in the home or won't follow the rules. They may even have more obedience towards their caregiver than their own parents.

Although daycare may be necessary for parents who are unable to care for their children at certain times of the day, there are ways that it can cause your relationship with your little one to suffer. By implementing change and following a few tips, you can avoid having a bad relationship with your child.

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