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5 Technical Skills to Teach Your Child Before High School

Published May 12, 2020

The school system teaches our children and helps them prepare for the future. One thing we can do to supplement this scholastic education is teach them technical skills that they can use throughout their life, that sometimes is not achievable through scholastics.

We all want our children to be successful. We teach them to use utensils, we hold their hand as they learn to walk, and we watch as they go to school for the first time. The school system teaches our children and helps them prepare for the future. Teachers work with our children during the school hours, but a parent's job of teaching and nurturing is constant. One thing we can do to supplement their scholastic education is teach them technical skills that they can use throughout their life. This will benefit them throughout their school years and beyond that to college and the workplace. Listed below are five technical skills to teach your child before high school.

Problem Solving

This is a skill that everyone needs at every stage of life. If you can quickly and efficiently problem solve, you will be successful. This is a skill that is required in virtually every job your child will ever have. If your child can effectively problem solve, they will also succeed socially; they will quickly be able to defuse a conflict with a friend or teammate at school. It will help them academically; they will be able to experiment and try different methods, ultimately finding the best and most effective methods to solve homework problems, write papers, or complete a science fair project. Your child will be less whiny and dependent on you as a parent, because they will become increasingly independent as they are faced with problems and learn to solve them on their own.

Research Savvy

Learning to quickly find good, trustworthy information on the internet is a skill that will continue to benefit your student long after high school. We used to use dictionaries and encyclopedias to do research, but with how quickly books can become outdated, the internet is where students can find the best information. Teaching your student to find quality sites with good information is extremely important to their success in high school and beyond. Because children are growing up to be extremely tech savvy, this is a skill that parents can help foster by showing them the difference between good information on a scholarly website as opposed to general information on the internet.

Logic and Reasoning

Being able to think critically and reason are skills that are not necessarily taught in school. While teachers can try to help stretch your children's brains to these concepts, this is something that should also be encouraged at home. Children that are good at using logic and reasoning are typically very good at math and science. Being talented at math or science can open all kinds of doors in the future. Logic and Reasoning is also needed for little and big problem solving. It can be helpful when having a discussion with others who don't agree with you - maybe even parents, and daily life tasks.

Repairs and Maintenance

Teaching kids the basics of repairing household objects will help foster most of the other skills listed in this article. Allowing them to take a computer apart to see how it works, or teaching them to change the oil in a car or change a flat tire will teach them to problem solve as well as using logic and reasoning. They will be eternally grateful if themselves or their friends catch a flat tire in the future and their skill they laughed at learning once, will come into vital use. Being involved in repairs and maintenance around the house teaches kids to be self-reliant and confident. It teaches them to be hard workers and to appreciate their belongings.

Time Management

Teaching your child to effectively manage time is a priceless skill. They can use this skill at home on Saturday when they have chores to do, they can use it when completing homework assignments, and when juggling extracurriculars, school, and life. When your child manages their own time, they will learn the value of time and make the most of their time. People that can independently manage their own time are highly sought after in the work force. This is a skill that will be wildly helpful if your child goes on to college. They won't have anyone looking over their shoulder in college to help them manage their time. Helping your child learn to manage time now is a skill that will benefit them forever.

Teaching these skills to your children before high school will help them be successful in school and throughout their lives. Teaching these skills from a young age and ingraining them in your child will allow them be more independent in high school while they continue to practice these skills. When they go off to college they will be leaps and bounds ahead of some of their classmates and they will continue to perfect these skills. They will grow to be responsible, smart adults.

Focus on ways now that you can incorporate and teach these skills to your child. It will greatly benefit them in the future, and they will always remember where they came from. 

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