Pool Safety Gadgets You Need to Buy for Your Kids

Published Jan 31, 2018

While playing games and swimming in the pool are fun activities the kids can do, they can quickly turn into dangerous activities if the ideal safety precautions are not met.

While playing games and swimming in the pool are fun activities the kids can do, especially during the summer season, they can quickly turn into dangerous activities if the ideal safety precautions are not met. Fortunately, there are a number of products and gadgets that can be set up and used to make the pool safer, not only for the children, but also for the rest of the family. Highlighted below are some of them:


Pool Alarms

Ideally, children should not be left in the pool unsupervised. But what if you really need to do something important, like attend to a visitor or study your lessons? Good thing you can get pool alarms that will immediately tell you if somebody is in the pool water or is near the pool without your permission. These come in many different varieties.

Wall or Mounted Alarms

This type of alarm is supposed to be placed on the top of a fence or wall surrounding the pool. Many use infrared beams to find moving objects or people, and others have magnetic connections which set the alarm off when broken. 

While effective, agile individuals can evade detection, so when purchasing this type of alarm, it’s best that another security device is also purchased. 

Pool Mounted Infrared Detectors

Such systems are installed at the poolside and emit a loud alarm when movement is detected. While costly, they are as effective as the above type of alarm when it comes to detecting movement. 

However, they are not too sensitive so as to go off if a leaf suddenly drops into the pool and make you panic. These only sound once objects heavier than 15 pounds are dropped or enter into the pool. The thing is, since this often needs to be placed close to the surface of the water, you need to act immediately if you suspect that a pet or child has fallen in.

Underwater Motion Alarms

This type of alarm system uses a sonar grid under the surface of the water to detect movement. Because of this, they don’t go off in case of wind-generated water movement, but will detect objects weighing about fifteen pounds. They are automated and so will automatically re-arm. Also, they can work regardless of pool shape and size. 

Portable Pool Fences

This option is great for you if you want to keep animals and little kids away from the water, unless, of course, you want a permanent fence installed around the pool

Pool Floatation Devices

Most kids who start swimming are (of course) not that familiar with the swimming pool, and might drown while in the process of learning swimming fundamentals. With rubber floatation devices, they can learn basic strokes and other swimming fundamentals safely. 

Life Jackets for Children

Life jackets are a great alternative to the above. These work the same way as pool floatation devices, but are harder to remove. 

Being unfamiliar with the way water works, it’s safe to say that children are at a higher risk of drowning than adults. So make sure you’re getting any (or all) of the above safety gadgets so the chances of your kids drowning are minimized, if not completely eliminated. 

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