Tips For Moving With Kids

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Published Sep 23, 2016

Have a look at our tips for moving with kids. They will help you to survive this process without going crazy.

Looking for useful tips for moving with kids?  You have come to the right place. Today we’re going to tell you how to survive without going crazy. Everything will go smoothly if you follow these simple steps.

Prepare Your Children  

To begin with, you should pick the right moment to introduce the news to your kids. No matter how good this step may seem to you, it can be stressful for your kids. That’s why you should always be there for them to answer any of their questions. The main thing here is to be sincere and tell the truth.

Provide all the necessary information as soon as possible. Talk about what the move will be like, and what challenges you might face. Emphasize that you will always be there whenever your kids need you and have a long talk with your kid as soon as something is concerned them. This is the only way to make them feel safe during all the commotion. 

Let Them Choose

Hard as it may seem, you should listen to your kids when choosing your future neighborhood and ask NYC movers to help you move. Take them there and walk the streets exploring possible new home together. In case you have already purchased a house before letting your kids know, make sure you present this new home in the most favorable light. You could also let your kids choose the color of their room, which will let them feel like they have control of the situation.

Let Them Help

You may think that it’s much easier to handle all the packing without your kids’ help. However, we advise you to let them pack some things. For example, your children could pack their books and toys. You can also ask them to label the boxes that they have packed. If you allow your kids to take an active part in the process, they will feel really helpful. There’s no need to take stuff your kids won’t need into the new home. We therefore suggest organizing a garage sale, for toys and clothes, that you would rather leave behind.

Organize a Goodbye Party

Saying goodbye to your good old home will unite the family as you reminisce on all the good memories. Invite your kids’ friends and decorate your home for the heart-warming goodbye party. Take tons of photos and have fun. It is no problem if your kids want to stay in touch with their friends after moving, as there are so many ways to do it.

Keep the Routine

Although preparing for the move might involve a lot of hassle, do your best to keep the daily routine. Put your children to bed at the same time, and read them books just like you do every single night. This will let them feel that the changes do not interfere with their daily routine. 

Focus on Your Kids

Moving to a new place may seem a nightmare, but you should keep in mind that your children might feel worse. But when you have a plan and really know what you’re doing, moving can be an exciting adventure that all of you will like. Just think about it: new place, new friends, new opportunities. 

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