5 Healthy Foods That Kids Love

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Published Aug 26, 2016

Getting your kids to eat healthy foods is probably one of the hardest parts of parenting. Here are something healthy options you won't have to force down their throat.

It can be a struggle for many parents to get their kids to eat anything healthy. The problem is that a lot of parents try to force their kids to eat foods that they already know they don't like. The key is to find healthy foods that your kids like and incorporate those foods into their regular diet. There's no reason that healthy food has to be bland or unappetizing. It is possible to give your kids something tasty and appealing that will also improve their nutrition.

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are the ultimate snack. They're cheap, nonperishable, and they contain a lot of fiber. Oatmeal bars and granola bars are also great choices, but make sure to find a brand that has less added sugar and more fiber per serving. If a cereal bar doesn't have at least three grams of fiber per bar, it isn't a healthy option because it's mostly just sugar. A lot of cereal bars contain whole wheat, so they will keep your kid full and energized between meals.

Fresh Fruit

Most kids enjoy eating fruit, but that doesn't mean that they enjoy all kinds of fruit. Fresh fruit slices are often a lot more appealing to a kid than an orange or banana that they have to peel themselves. Homemade fruit salad is a great snack to make for your kids because you can make it without any added sugar or processed ingredients. Just buy your child's favorite fruits, cut them up into chunks or slices, and arrange them in a pretty pattern on a plate. If your child needs some convincing, allow them to have small dollops of low fat whipped cream or sugar-free chocolate syrup to go with their fruit plate. You can also make a game out of it by letting your child make their own fruit kebabs.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese that comes from a box is tasty and filling, but it isn't very healthy. Make your own homemade macaroni and cheese with healthy ingredients. Use whole grain pasta shells for extra fiber and low fat cheese instead of cheese that is high in fat. Your kids won't be able to taste the difference and they won't even know that what they're eating is good for them.

Grilled Cheese

Try making your child a grilled cheese with healthy ingredients. Use whole grain bread instead of white bread and use low fat mozzarella instead of the traditional American cheese. Add some tomato slices or lunch meat turkey for added flavor. This kind of homemade grilled cheese is a lot healthier than anything you can find on the menu at your local sandwich shop.


Most smoothies that you get from store-bought mixes and fast food restaurants aren't usually very healthy because they contain a lot of added sugar. Make your own smoothies with fresh fruit and low fat milk instead. It may be tempting to use frozen fruit or frozen fruit juice because they require less preparation, but they also contain a lot of added sugar. Using ice and fresh fruit will reduce the amount of sugar in your smoothie. Top the drink with some cherries, fresh strawberries, or a silly straw.

The great thing about preparing these popular foods for kids is that it gives the parents an excuse to enjoy them, too. There's no need to divide your refrigerator into sections for your food and your kid's food anymore. You and your kid can now enjoy tasty, fresh meals together and get healthy at the same time.

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