How to Cook Healthy and Tasty Food for the Whole Family

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Published Aug 25, 2016

Healthy food doesn't have to taste or even look gross. Here's some tips for healthy living, cooking, and eating.

In recent years, people have become more concerned with their health, and have a desire to have a healthy lifestyle. However, whether your family members have picky palates, or they just prefer unhealthy food, convincing them all eat healthy can be virtually impossible. When you learn how to infuse more enjoyable flavors into the cuisine and you understand how to get creative in a culinary sense, this task can become less arduous.

Figure out the Flavors

Part of the problem may be that you entirely departing from the flavors that your family members love. When they are all beef aficionados, setting out a burger made from carrots and broccoli is likely to turn them away from their plates. In this case, for example, you could opt to make a bean burger instead. They will still enjoy that protein-packed taste. Knowing what flavors your family members like allows you to craft cuisine that addresses those taste buds.

Shop, Select and Serve Together

Your family may also feel alienated from the process. Telling them that you are all having kale for dinner can come across as a shock when they have never even heard of this green before. Don't make healthy foods such a mystery. If you want a shop to deliver organic food, sit down to pick out products together. Walk through the aisles of the grocery store and select goods with one another, and make preparing dinner a family activity. As your family members are more involved in the process, they may also become more eager to try the food.

Try New Foods for You

Right now, you may harness a great deal of power over the kitchen. Your relatives might have a bit of resentment because you are always making them try foods that you enjoy but that they have never before consumed. The next time that you plan a family meal, select an ingredient that is new for you too. Finally, all of you can truly try something for the first time together.

Make a Game

Kids often love to play games, and you can even involve your teenagers in this idea. Challenge them to find a healthy recipe each week. You can tell them that the recipe has to include certain ingredients, and you may want to award a prize to the person who finds a recipe in the shortest period of time. If your children are older, you may want to engage them in a weekly cooking competition.

Use Different Spices

Most people have been in a situation where they can't stand the thought of having chicken for one more night. Although you want to mix up the cuisine to keep it interesting, using different spices can help you to prepare the same type of food in different ways. Furthermore, by using spices, you are eliminating the need to add flavor to the food with butter or oil, which just adds on the fat.

Buy the Right Tools

Turning squash into spaghetti sounds like a great and healthy idea, but when you don't have the right tools to do it, your meal might end up resembling a pile of mush. While you don't need to spend a prodigious sum of money on cooking tools all at once, add a new one to your kitchen every other week so that you can begin to prepare foods in the proper manner. When you make food right, it tends to taste better.

Be Flexible

It's a smart idea to find healthy ways to make your family's favorite unhealthy items. Once in awhile, however, it is okay to let your kids reach for fries instead of the baked potato wedges with extra virgin olive oil. When you constantly prevent your family from eating foods that they enjoy, you may find that they are more prone to overeating unhealthy foods later.

Convincing your family to consume healthier foods does not have to turn into a major battle when you employ some effective techniques.

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