Staying Sane With Kids And Elders Under One Roof

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Published Aug 19, 2016

Are you considering moving your aging parents? Whether they are heading off to a senior care home, or becoming a new guest in your house, this is a very resourceful article to read.

Moving an elderly family member or relative in with you is quite a crucial decision and you need to back it up with serious and concerted efforts to do justice to your decision. Since your parents have invested so much time in you, to help you evolve, and to groom you into a presentable individual, you may think it is your responsibility to return the favor. If the elderly person is healthy enough to contribute either morally, or physically to the household it can be an added benefit, as the presence of an older adult in the house establishes a culture that fosters respect and ineradicable values. They can mold your child’s personality in a way that no one else can, which would not be possible with occasional visits.

What you might be considering at this point in time is a proper senior home care service that would extend a helping hand and provide personal care and assistance for your loved one so that they can adjust well within the comforts of your home. Not only will this benefit them but also help you maintain your emotional stability so that there is no undue pressure on you.  In order to take a well-informed decision you need to evaluate certain factors and then take the next step.

The current status of the person

Often when elderly parents are made to shift with their children it is often understood that their mental or physical condition might be deteriorating or their condition does not further allow them to stay independently. However, this may not be the case always and you can bring your parents’ home before they fall victim to aging illnesses and get them accustomed to their new surroundings when they are in control of their health. However, you need to keep a track of their medical history and act accordingly.

Setting an example for your children

By opening your hearts and the doors to your home for your aged parents if you happen to live in a nuclear family, trust me you are setting an example of true love and care. Your children will automatically follow in your footsteps and learn to give back to the elder generation with grace. It will help them understand the realities of life at an early age and making you expect likewise behavior from them when you are in your old age. Your child will automatically grow up to become a toned down and obedient personality in the company of their grandparents. They will learn to put their elders on a pedestal and treat them with reverence and respect.

Make your children behave in front of their grandparents and not throw tantrums for no rhyme or reason. Spend quality time with all of them and nurture the bond with shared dinner times and night games. Set the rules beforehand and instil in your children to follow them religiously by not sabotaging any personal boundaries.

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