What Every New Mom Really Needs to Know

Published Jul 15, 2016

New and expecting Mothers will know that once you announce your pregnant everyone under the sun wants to give you advice. We've sifted through all the garbage and found 5 helpful hints that we think every new Mom should know! Enjoy.

As a new mom, or an expecting mother, you are probably overwhelmed with advice. When your new bundle of joy actually arrives it seems like everyone under the sun (including the little old lady at the grocery store) feels entitled to offer up suggestions on feeding, sleeping, and scheduling.

Everyone at ChatterBlock knows that being a new Mom can be hard and ciphering through both good and bad advice can make this new phase in your life even more stressful. Although we are not guaranteeing that our advice is better than the rest, we thought it was our turn to say our two cents and offer up some sweet and simple expertise to all the new mothers out there.

  1. Cut Yourself a Break: You just had a baby. Your body is on a hormonal roller coaster. You are swollen, tired, and probably also overjoyed. A mini me literally just came out of you. How awesome is that!? Although you may think it is now or never to become a super-mom, in actuality that is far from the truth. Just remember to try your best, cut yourself some slack, and reframe every “mistake” as a learning opportunity. You have a lot of time to learn, so just be patient and enjoy the ride.

  1. Ask for Help: We’ll be the first ones to admit that asking for help isn’t always easy. Pride, or fear of being scrutinized, often gets in the way of Moms seeking much needed assistance from friends and family. Although online blogs (like this awesome read) and social media are great resources, the absolute best advice always comes from people near or dear to your heart. These people know you, your skills, your weakness, and how to help most. Whether your friends simply provide you a shoulder to cry on, or a last minute babysitting option when you are in a pickle, don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed.

  1. Hold Your Baby: Regardless of what everyone tells you, in all honesty you can’t spoil your baby. You can only spoil teenagers... ( i.e. My Super Sweet 16). Take advantage of the fact that you get time off to bond with your baby. Hold them, cuddle them, love them. They will only be this little once so don’t hold back on giving them attention.

  1. Take Care of Yourself: We know it may sounds counterintuitive BUT now more than ever it is time to take care of yourself. Obviously it is important to put the needs of your new baby at the top of your priorities. However, it is still important to put your feet up whenever possible, drink lots of water, eat properly, and find a new “normal” that makes you happy! Parenting can be rough, but it can also be beautiful if you take care of yourself in the process.

With all of that being said, motherhood is magical.

The connection you will feel with your child is uncomparable!

Just remember to cherish these moments and take it easy on yourself.  

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