What Kids Really Want Their Parents To Do

Published Jul 8, 2016 | Updated Oct 28, 2019

All parent strive to be the absolute best Mom or Dad they can be. However, sometimes parents overlook the fact that the little things in life often matter the most. Check out this quick read to find out what your children really wants to do with you.

All parent strive to be the absolute best Mom or Dad they can be.

You wake up early, stay up late, and sacrifice grown up social outings all to make sure you give your child every opportunity that you didn’t have.

Parenting is a beautiful thing.

However, what do you think really matters most to your children? Will they care ten years from now that you enrolled them in the most expensive daycare, or is it the little things that matter most? Obviously, at ChatterBlock we fully support and encourage parents to sign up their kids for awesome camps and classes. (We provide a super solid list of local providers that are educational and exciting) Yet, as cliche as it sounds the little things in life do matter most.

According to a recent poll done by Erin K, a real life Mom and teacher, most kids love their parents not because of the things that they buy but rather the experiences they share together. Parents often forget that sometimes it would be better for the whole family just to go outside and play, instead of spending hours shuttling the family around from activity to activity.

If you still are having difficulty comprehending the fact that sometimes less is more here are some real world examples of what children said they really want their parents to do.

  • “I love when my Mommy tucks me in at night and reads to me until I fall asleep”.

  • “I appreciate when my parents spend quality time just with me, and not with my brothers or sisters This makes me feel special”.

  • “One of the best parts of my day is chatting with my family over dinner”.

  • “Sometimes my Mom and Dad watch a movie with me and we cuddle under a blanket. This makes me happy”.

  • “My Dad leaves cute notes in my lunch bag every day. Sometimes he even draws funny pictures or cartoons”.

  • “Every weekend my parents make a fire and we roast marshmallows and make banana boats at our cabin. I love spending time with them outdoors”.  

Essentially, what parents often overlook is the fact that kid are actually not that materialistic. Aside from their birthdays or Christmas, when we have to spend a pretty penny to get them everything on their wishlist, the majority of kids just want to spend time with you.

Of course, enrolling your children in extracurricular activities is still extremely important. Exposing your children to a variety of events and activities will not only keep them well rounded but also help them find a passion in life. However, we suggest once in awhile taking a step back from the grind of parenthood and just enjoying your time together. We guarantee this will strengthen the bond you have with your kids and create lasting memories for life!

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July 12, 2016, 11:48 a.m. Flag

So true! You can't overestimate the amount of value a kid gets from just spending fun time with you. So much better than the time spent getting nagged about picking up shoes. They've got to have fun to thrive - that's what childhood is all about.

The best part is that you, as a parent, will reap far more benefit from spending fun time with your kid! It's a win-win!



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